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Hi All,

I am new to this forum. I intend to buy a 42 inch Plasma screen.
I want to spend something like 3000-4200 euros on a screen.
What I have seen is that I want a grey panel screen without speakers.

I like the style of the grey Fujitsu, Pioneer, LG and Thomson panels.

But I think that the cheap plasmas don't have a good quality picture, do you guys agree ? The only great quality picture I saw was on a 42 inch 9,000 euro ( model 10US ) FUJITSU high definiton 1024x1024 screen, it was absolutely brilliant !

Is this screen considered to be the best screen available on the market ?

I read a lot of good stuff on the Panasons 6 and the 43 inch black Pioneer Screens. Is this black pioneer also available in grey ? I saw a cool looking 42 inch grey Pioneer screen, is that an old model ?

Are there reasons why I should not buy an LG screen ? I think 3000 euros is a fair price, it doesnt look that good compared to the 9000 euros Fujitsu screen though .

What do you guys suggest me to do ? I have a 9 feet space between the tv mounnted to the wall and my couch. Is the 42 inch good for that or do I need a 35 inch TV because otherwise it would look too ' pixelish ' ?

You see, I have many questions, I hope someone can answer some of them. Thanx in advance for any help , great forum !!!

Kind regards,


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If you like grey, check the new Hitachi Range.

website here - website .

PDF's here - specs

and here - pfd

The 5000 series should be way better. They are using 2nd generation Alis technology, the e-alis plus other new bits and pieces, info on e-alis here - news .

As you have noticed Fujitsu and Hitachi are partners on PDP market.

I edited the info, as I noticed you are not living in UK, hence price info not relevant.

The Panasonic TH-PWD6 is in more black, but not super black, also a superb display, info and a pdf sheet here - pana



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I doubled checked that spec for my 500E and found that the 32 & 42 screens are actually what they call the new A1/AI screens? only the 55" appears to be called e-Alis.......nothing to worry about as the results are superb.
Also looking at the brochure for the 55" it seems to me that it was/is more a non-consumer sourced screen, doesnt seem to be so home friendly in the way of connections etc.
But, to your original question David, the Hitachi series are the HiDef 1024x1024 made by Fujitsu/Hitachi.
The cheapest I have seen these are around 3500euros in UK.

Best regards David

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