New to Atmos - Finding the right receiver


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New to Atmos - Finding the right receiver

Hello All,

I've been lightly researching for a couple of weeks and have found this forum to be a great resource with many extremely helpful individuals based on the posts I've viewed. I've reached a point in my research where I am finding I would need a high end receiver so I'm hoping someone might have a device in mind that zeros in on my needs and might not break the bank (more), I've just purchased a house and week one had a pipe burst so yay to the joys of home owning but woe to my emptier bank account.

What I have:
Xbox Series X
LG OLED C1 65"
Sony STR-DN840
Pioneer Andrew Jones Series Speakers
SP-C22 (Center)
SW-E10 (Subwoofer)
SP-FS52 (Tower) x2
SP-BS22-LR (Bookshelf) x4
SP-BS22A-LR (Bookshelf w/ upward firing) x2
SP-T22A-LR (Upward firing) x2

What I am trying to accomplish:
Gaming @ 4k/120hz
Dolby Atmos Setup trying to avoid mounting anything if possible

I have read that having 4 upward firing is a better compromise then just two when trying to bypass having ceiling mounted speakers, if this is indeed recommended I would like to try and accomplish this
I don't plan on using all the speakers I have available, just whatever will work and sound the best
I don't plan on hooking up any additional devices to my home theater setup besides the Xbox Series X.
Most of the stuff I have read either focuses on Xbox or questions regarding Atmos. With the posts regarding the HDMI bug or ports not able to fully power 4k (something about bandwidth), mentioning VRR, a lot of this is confusing to me and when I try to compare those recommended receivers to avoid those issues, I run into a wall of questions about that receiver's atmos capabilities/speaker configurations. So hopefully if someone can see what I am aiming at, there might be an answer which isn't going to cost me as much as I'm finding from my research.

  • Would 5.1 or 7.1 be better for gaming with Atmos?
  • Which receiver would you recommend replacing the STR-DN840 with?
  • What would be the ideal speaker configuration with your recommendation and since I have the upward firing speakers would you recommend 2 or 4 and where would they best be placed?
  • I'm assuming the standard Xbox Series X cable is fine (please correct me if I'm wrong), I would plug this into the receiver and then plug an additional HDMI cable into the TV from the receiver? Is the cable from the receiver to the TV, does this go into the eARC one I keep reading about? What budget friendly HDMI cable would you recommend to complete the setup?
  • The TV comes in on Wednesday so I haven't had the chance to mess with it yet, until I upgrade my receiver, what is the best configuration to get me by in the meantime using what I have?

Thank you for any help or guidance

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