New to all this and need help please


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I just fitted an Aver TV card to my pc and I have been pleasantly surprises at how good the picture is when viewed on my AE100 projector. I can watch tv and record shows fine but when using the time-shift function when I resume watching the time-shifted show I seem to have two soundtracks, 1 for the live broadcast and one for the time shifed one. Does anybody know how to solve this? When I press pause (time shift) the picture freezes but the sound keeps playing.
Also this card allows me to record in either mpeg1 or mpeg2 formats. Which one should I use and what do I need to do to the file to record it onto a dvd disk to watch on a standard dvd player?


I have the same card as you, not many people seem to use it tho.

I've only ever used it to record when I'm not watching so haven't had the problem you speak off.

I tried using ULead Videostudio 7 to master a DVD which sort of worked except that the audio ended up out of sync and haven't played with it much since then.

Oh yeah use MPEG 2, it's full DVD res assuming that's what you use, MPEG1 is roughly equivalent to VHS at it's standard resolution.


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Thanks for that, I have been searching threads on other sites and it seems it is not the tv-card that is at fault but the audigy sound cards. To use this software with the audigy and to enable time shift that works you have to select the analogue mix as the recording source and then go into the properties of this and select the “do not monitor recordings” (or something like that).
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