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New to all of this, DENON 1909 and new sub/speakers


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Ok up until recently i've been prefectly happy with my Panasonic SC HT-855 home cinema system but i now want to get into the world of HD audio and the like. I think i have pretty much made up my mind that i want the Denon 1909 but i had in my mind that i would use the sub and speakers from my home cinema system for the time being until i decided to upgrade the speakers but its been brought to my attention in another thread that my sub wouldn't work as it would be passive (whatever that means).

I've found this sub kef HTB2 and thought it looked good i'm just looking for advice from the experts on here as to what would be best for me should i replace the speakers now aswell or will they wait for now so i can raise the money for new ones?

I am a total noob with all of this


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Personally I wouldn't replace the amp without the speakers as you would lose most of the benefits of upgrading the amp, namely the increase in sound quality. Okay, you would have other benefits namely video switching and upconversion but to be honest, I would save up and upgrade the whole lot at once and demo the amp and speakers to ensure they're a good partnership and you're happy with the sound. Also, knowing the way these things work by the time you have the funds to buy both amp and speakers, the price of the amp will have dropped anyway.

You can often use the centre/front/rear speakers from all-in-ones if the impedence rating is compatible with the amp i.e. say 6-8ohms but if it's low, as some of them often are, forget it but as I said, wait until you can afford the full upgrade would be my advice.

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