New Television: HELP!


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Hiya people

Your going to have to help me out here, I'm after a new television, predominately to watch TV, play DVD's and furthermore to play games consoles etc. I have no idea what to do. I was well up for purchasing a 51inch rear projection TV but have read a few negative things about them relating to picture quality. This has put me off BIG TIME, seeing as though, in my opinion, having a great picture quality is a MUST. In relation to money, i have approximately £1000 - £1200 pounds. I am looking for something as large as possible within my price range. It seems as though i focused more on the size aspect of things when looking at the rear projection TV's, i think i neglected all the other aspects of having a good TV all together. I'm from the UK, any suggestions and links to buying places would be highly appreciated. I shall also be purchasing home cinema equipment as well, but a little later on.



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Does it have to be a HDTV for playing your 360 on? If so you may have to put more money into it.


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No dude, the xbox 360 supports both "Standard-definition and high-definition video outputs"

I still dont have any idea what to get, can somebody help... :)


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I was in a similar position to you.. After hearing and reading comments about DLP's I was all up for purchasing one... until I took a trip down to my local Curry's.

When looking head on at the screen the quality was amazing on the HD set's. The way my lounge it shaped means that some viewers would need to view from an angle which I didn't think worked very well at all with a DLP. The picture looked very dark... Which brought me back to a Plasma :clap:

I *think* that the PWD8 is a bargain. I have however only deduced this from other comments on this forum. I did however see a PE50 at the weekend which I thought looked good, so if that is anything to go by, I will be happy with a PWD8. The HD Plasma's are slightly out of my immediate budget and I want something before Christmas. :confused:

From what people on here are saying, scaled down HD will still look good on a PWD8. :)


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With regards to rear projection, apart from the angles, I have heard too many issues with regards to bulbs popping and warrentys. That made my decision up to get my 50" Pioneer plasma XDE for under 2k worth it.


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Scaled down HDTV still looks good on the PWD8 but not as good as HDTV on the PHD8 (which is well outside your budget). Phillfyspoon's advice is good.


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Yes, for that sort of money the PWD8 or PWD7 (£999 at Richer Sounds) - the PWD7 doesn't have the same inputs as the PWD8 as I understand but that wasn't a problem for me. Great PQ tho' :thumbsup:

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