New Technology against Old?


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A friend of mine has been offered an ex-demo Nakamichi AV10 for
around £250, the dealer says the stereo performance is well regarded.
He is very tempted by this. Yet the Nakamichi doesn't even have component switching!!
I have told him to buy a newer model amp like a Denon or Yamaha.
He is interested in Music (60%) and movies (40%).

Any opinion's or recommendations?



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Havent any experience of the Nakamichi but I would imagine that it would give any budget reciever a real fun for their money even if it is a few years old. It doesnt have all the bells and whistles of modern recievers but it was an expensive unit new and would certainly be worth listening to.

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I would think for music (stereo) the AV-10 would give most budget receivers more than a run for their money ... streets ahead I suspect. However, I also suspect that the newer models would be superior in surround.
If memory serves I believe there were also build issues with some of the Nakamichi's (not sure which).
If video switching is the only issue, then decent switch boxes are available on the market.


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If video switching is the only issue, then decent switch boxes are available on the market.

He is not concerned about component switching, I was just pointing out that my previous Yamaha 620 had component in and out.
His budget is around £400 for a surround Amp/Receiver.
He has JM Lab Chorus 707 front speakers with the matching centre CC700 (if memory serves me right). For surrounds/sub he has the Boston Micro 90 Sub package.


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i'd tell him to listen to it and see what he thinks.......dont buy something just cuz its

tbh it might be worth him looking at a Cambridge Azur stereo amp....then eventually get a home cinema amp for around £300 later on.....if music is important i'd go this way....


The Nakamichi AV-10 was an expensive amp in its day - £800 - £1000 in the UK, $2,000 in the USA. It has a seperate DAC for EACH of the 5 channels, and has a reputation for making average speakers sound much better than they should. Check out for some American - most of them seem to really like it. I certainly do.

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