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Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by Chrisgixer, Dec 30, 2017.

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    so upgrading my pioneer plazma to a n other newer tv to be decided poses some questions re my 1080p gear, not that sky+ is 1080p anyway...

    I have a Sony STR DN1040 receiver/amp through which I run;

    Sky (pre sky q) sky+2tb box


    Xbox 360

    1) will the 1040 amp pass HDR signal through to the new tv when I get sky Q? I believe the amp will upscale to 4K but that’s all.

    2) will the amp upascalling interfere with the tv upscalling, presume leave that to the tv in which case can upscalling be turned off on the amp? Dunno, never had an 4K HD anything...

    3) presume too much upscalling will slow down response time if gaming regardless?

    4) presume Sony dn1080 will suffice as an upgrade?

    5) will new Xbox play all disc media? Surely they have blue ray capability by now?

    6) if yes to 5 presumably I won’t then need a Replace the ps3 at all, as I only ever used it for Blu-ray and gaming was (naturally :smashin:)strictly for the Xbox.

    7) guessing all my old 360 games will be useless on the new Xbox er...[..runs off to google...] one x

    ...blimey, what pita:rotfl:

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