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hi - hoping to get some ideas and thoughts on buying a tablet-
budget constraints mean less than £300, 8" ok, main thoughts for use at the mo' are plugging into TV (so need hdmi) and plugging USB in so can watch films etc, listen to music etc, also to plug in ext hard drive (reasons as before), no doubt once having played around will want more...games etc...(whilst dossing on sofa) who knows?
Went to buy archos 80 g9 yesterday but all sold out (yes i know are on pcw website) but now i've seen 'turbo' version with 250 gb hdd, (only 512 ram? -conflicting info on sites - do i need more?) what should i consider - sdd / hdd?, acer iconia and toshiba thrive sound ok from reviews are they contenders? any others?, a bit confused by usb slave /host - do they all work with usb? , oh so many questions! - should i hang on a while and see what comes out in next few weeks but do i risk missing a 'good un' (or 'ok average' at least)
Archos seem to fit the bill but would welcome others' thoughts...driving myself crazy reading reviews etc of all and likely that paracetamol will be the only tablet needed if i carry on.
sorry its a long question, hopefully someone will be able to offer some suggestions, recommendations or sanity - many thanks


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Looks like youre thinking along the same lines as me tbh, if so then like me I would consider the Archos 250Gb G9 which you can get at play.com for £239


Looks to have some pretty sweet features

- Currently running honeycomb with ICS coming first week in Feb

- 250GB HDD space for films, great as you can carry around an even larger collection of films than normal, plus a full USB which you can plug in a USB drive if you need more space

- Archos have a very slick looking video player that you can see here
Best Tablet in the World: Archos 80 G9 and Archos 101 G9, my first hands-on - YouTube

- Archos also has an automatic Metadata "scraper" that adds all the information about your films etc which sounds quite appealing when combined with the app mentioned above

- When HDMI is activated, the archos turns into a "trackpad" and the screen is dimmed, which is better when using it for watching films on your TV as you dont want to have the screen distracting you!

- There is an Android app for your smarphone that allows you to remotely control the archos, making it even more like a media server at home
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