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Can someone tell me if you still apply the rule of thirds as with music to a buying home cinema system ? I.E 30% on Amp, 30% on Speakers, 30% on DVD player and 10% on interconnects.

I want to spend £1000 on the system, I already have a DVD player picked out so will only want advise on what to get for the last 70% (£700 if the rule of thirds still applies).

The main use of the system will be movies, but music ability is still very important to me.


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A display might be nice. ;)


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You'll get a lot of different opinions about this, but I would suggest: 15% processor, 15% power amp, 30% front speakers, 8% surround speakers, 12% subwoofer, 12% DVD and 8% cabling. :)


Can't really help with your %age dilemma, but I'm in the same position as you.
Having spent 30 years getting to what I believe is as good as it gets sound wise (Naim/Linn system). I'm now confronted with the video (AV reciever/DVD scenario)
Q. Do I sell everything and start again trying to encompass the visual side as well or do I get ready for the wrath of my partner and add a totally seperate system for visual. This inevitably means more boxes/cables and money. Hopefully not another 30 years to achieve what I need

Note: This is the first time I've used this site so I apologise if this is the incorrect connection medium.
Hope you get the answer your looking for.

Stone Free

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Ian J - Does that mean that (a) You think that 12% is not enough for the subwoofer, or that (b) You would advise upping the system cost ?, or (c) both

£1000 was a bit of a stab in the dark, choosen because I have spent £1000 on the TV.

geoffzaid - Are you totally happy with your Hi-Fi setup ? Usually you would have to spend quite a bit more on AV kit to get good H-Fi ability equivalent to what you have already (This seems to be the general consensus from what I have read)

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