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We have revamped our Kitchen/Dinning room which means our old Hifi location will no longer be available. For the last few years I have had an Arcam solo mini connected to a pair of Monitor Audio Bronze B2 speakers located in an alcove in the Dining room/kitchen space and this was used more as background listening when in the conservatory. We moved this set up into the conservatory in the summer and now spend a lot more time listening to music rather then just background. I have noticed that the Arcam appears to struggle to drive the B2's (kick drums seem out of time and woolly?) This was masked by the old playing location. The B2's are too big size wise for the space we have so are looking for something smaller as we really enjoy listening in the conservatory away from the temptation to put the TV on and watch dross.

I also have a Cambridge Audio Azur 540 amp in the lounge with a pair of Tannoy Revelation D4C speakers. This is mainly used for film/tv and listening to music channels. the small speakers fit into the space available in the lounge. They sound fine on the 540 Amp but things like cymbals sound mushy when these are connected to the Arcam - a lot more noticeable than issues with the B2's

So I would like to leave the 540 Amp and Tannoy speakers in the lounge initially and replace the B2's with something smaller -the current shortlist all seem to be similar depth to the B2's just a little narrower and 50-70mm shorter - but I can seem the lounge getting an upgrade on speakers down the line so there is scope to move the 540 to the conservatory as the Amp and a new amp for the lounge.

Im toying with a pair of MA Silver 50's possibly 6Gen as these are available around £300 compered to the 7Gen at £575. Is there a significant difference between the two as I am able to get a demo of the 7Gen but not the 6? Anything else better for £3-600?

I would also like to consider an Amp for the near future to match well with these speakers, what should I consider as I must confess Im lost as to what qualities an Amp needs in relation to speaker specs. I understand sensitivity, Impedance and frequency response but not what the Amp needs to match this.

The conservatory is 3mx3m and 2.5-3.5m high Pent style roof. There is a 1.8m opening into the dining space. 3 sides are glass but all have blinds. Speakers will be 1.5m from the listening position about 1.8m apart opposite a large sofa. Im fully expecting not to have perfect sound because of the room but the current set up is more than acceptable from this stand point. I could see me getting some sort of panel for behind the sofa when listening.

Ta in advance for suggestions, hoping to go and demo some speakers Saturday


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Did you manage to get a Demo? If so, how did it go?


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Ended up with a pair of MA silver 50 7G speakers. Nice discount on them to boot. Very happy with them through the 540A although this needs to remain in the lounge so will test them with the Arcam when Ive finished the decorating and look for a new Amp in the new year

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