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I've been reading threads for a while and there are some incredibly knowledgeable and helpful people so hoping you can collectively steer me in the right direction

I have a 2004 Cambridge audio 540a in the living room connected to the virgin box\tv and a pair of Tannoy revolution dc4 speakers.
in the conservatory I have an Arcam solo mini and monitor audio bronze b2 speakers. I have a Chromecast audio and echo dot.
I am just entering the streaming world so have had to get my head round that first.
I would like to be able to use Ethernet or Wi-Fi to stream from like the way the chrome cast audio does. Does this have a particular name? My understanding is that your phone sets it up with what to play and the Chromecast then gets it from the internet directly? My understanding is that I am connecting both Chromecast and echo dot via 3.5mm Jack to rca cable into either system. This means that the Chromecast or echo are providing DAC. Neither system has an optical or coaxial input.
so trying to decide
Buy a node2i as this seems to well thought of, will provide a good DAC and stream Amazon Music unlimited
or buy a new something that does Amp and streaming either as 2 boxes of all in one. Spend more on an amp and get something cheaper for Streaming.

I've read about certain streamers only being able to stream certain services so what is the likely hood of these becoming redundant if the service changes technology. Would this make an all in one unusable and therefore amp with separate streaming capability be better ?

I'm leaning towards a node2i now because it would provide a good DAC and a £400-600 amp in the future along with speaker upgrade


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Sorry one system for now, and happy to move stuff around to get one best option, and make do with the other. Looking for guidance on which way to go and possible equipment


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Can your tv convert audio to 2 channel pcm out optical?
Chromecast can output digital.
I use my dac for all audio, not just the streamer.

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