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Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by Ian Trotter, Feb 4, 2009.

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    Upgrade-itus has struct me but I have some unknowns.
    Should I replace my video processor or take it out of the new setup?

    I am looking at replacing my screen with a Pioneer KRP-500M monitor, 99% decision made.
    The main source will be a media PC for watching TV and ripped videos and will have a Blu-ray drive inside. I also have a decent seperate DVD player (Meridian 598DP) with SDI output that I use to gain its sound handling features along with the rest of the sound system.

    The recent release of Meridians Blu-ray compatible HD621 sound convertor might be a way of releasing more options without loss of quality in any area.

    The DVDO HD+ has been good for me up to now with its (single) SDI input but I know that it won't do justice to HD originals.

    Regarding the media PC, when I first bought a load of parts for it I got an output card (Sigma X-card) along with a SDI output connection. Unfortunately this has the opposite polarity to the DVD SDI signal, and the HD+ cannot accept this.
    Since most of the viewing will be from SD Freeview, would this be a good route for that media? Using the MediaPortal software I can assign different codecs for TV / DVD / BLU-RAY etc. so that HD sources would be output via DVI at 1080P.

    So do I loose the processor from the system or replace it with something?
    Both VP50 Pro and C2 have two SD SDI inputs but I don't know if they will handle the polarity issue, Radiance does not have any SDI inputs.

    Any help / advice would be appreciated.

    Ian T.

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