New System Advice - Only Wharfedale Evo 4.2s chosen so far


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This is my first post; I haven't dabbled in HiFi for a long, long time, so may as well be starting from scratch i.e. a complete noobie,

I've been reading reviews, watching videos etc, but I just keep going round in circles, or off on tangents with buying choices for my new, soon to be system. I'm driving myself, and my SO absolutely nuts :)

The main focus of the system will be Streaming and CD (the CDp can be added later once I've got the core of the system done and dusted)

One thing I do know, is that I find the Wharfedale Evo 4.2s really appealing, both from written reviews and video clips I've watched.

After the speakers, I keep getting lost and drowned in choices and information,

For the Integrated Amp, I really like the concept of the Rega Brio, and Musical Fidelity M2si, and the bare bones analogue focus, keeping all digital components outside of the amp. Therefore keeping the amp as the mainstay and upgrading digital devices as and when the technology changes,

I'm open minded about the Streamer - curious about the Bluesound Node Gen 3 which comes out this month I believe, but I'm open to suggestions.

My budget for the lot is around £2000, but not much wriggle room.

My listening room is approx. 11ft by 10ft not including the bay window at one end approx. 6ft long and 2ft deep (at right angles to the main wall, but doesn't run the length of the wall, approx. 2ft of main wall remains either side of the bay. The windows are covered all around the bay with plantation shutters. The floor is a suspended wooden floor, with a further oak tongue and groove layer on top.

My listening tastes are quite eclectic:

60/70's singer songwriters/bands - in the Neil Young vein, Captain Beefheart, all the obvious folk-singers of the time, Psychedelic bands etc
Prog Bands - Camel, Caravan, Focus, all that kind of stuff, and of course Pink Floyd
80's - The Smiths, early REM up to and inc. the Green album,
90's - Smashing Pumpkins, Verve, Pavement, The Pixies, Stereolab, Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth
Slow/Sad Core Bands - Slowdive, Low, Red House Painters
Recent - War on Drugs, Mogwai, Ryley Walker, Fleet Foxes
Classical - prefer Baroque, light classical, piano pieces,
Jazz - all the really slow, melodic "midnight hour in a smoke filled room" type Jazz :cool:

I think that gives a fair idea; apologies if I've overdone it on the info

So, if anyone could advise me on whether my thoughts/reasoning on the type of amp selection is flawed, happy to listen, or if the 2 named amps would be good options for the Wharfedales? I can't find much of any substance, if anything on the Wharfedales and either of the 2 amps as a pairing (maybe there's good reason for that? :) )

Any advice on the speaker/amp pairing, and suggestions for the streaming options very much appreciated.

Thanks very much

Kind Regards


I think the Brio will be a little more exciting than the MF, although being honest both are very good amps. Owning a Rega amp I know how good they are with any genre of music and the Rega is capable of a very good and well controlled bass response. The Rega will have no trouble with the Wharfedales and is capable to driving speakers of higher spec as well.

Can't help with streaming as I only have an SACD player into my Rega for stereo work.

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