New System - 5.1 or 7.1? Speaker Advice


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Ive just finished a nice extension and got a much bigger lounge that i can finally accomodate a decent surround sound system after having previously had a crappy all in one.

lounge size is 5m x 7m

I want to get this one right so have no problem buying the speakers in stages and as a result, budget is less of a factor (although if you want a figure no more that £1500 for a full speaker package)

The main use of the system is home cinema and sky with occasional gaming and music. TV is a Samsung 50inch Plasma

I previously have not been able to consider 7.1 but given that i can now sit the sofa away from the back wall i was thinking it might be more worth while and could affect my speaker choice.

The amp i was going to get was the onkyo nr 609 purely for its good reviews and seems like it will handle future upgrades, ie 3d tvs etc. Future proofing is key but ultimately i think this is less of a problems with speakers, correct?

Looking through the forums theres several speaker sets out there at the moment e.g. MA BX2's plus sevaral others but im also not against getting pre owned or older models if im getting better sound quality for my money.

Just wondering what you guys would go for?


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If you can do without a sub initially and add that later I would look at the Monitor Audio RX6 AV package instead of the BX2's. Although with the RX series you will probably need to get a better receiver than the NR609.

For the NR609 the BX range or the radius range are a decent match.


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Thanks for the reply,

Ive seen several brands mebtioned over threads but i am seeing few 7.1 setups. Does the 7.1 give a better movie experience than a 5.1? Im very keen to get a seamless surround sound amnd if i need to buy 2 extra speakers it will naturally affect my budget. I even went as far as looking at a 9.1 setup although that may be overkill. Would love to hear from people who have listened to these setups.....


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I cant believe how fewer blu rays are encoded for 7.1 surround systems actually, seems rediculous, or is it just me? :s


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I just downgraded from 7.1 to 5.1 but only because I couldn't place speakers in right place.
If you have big room I would go ahead with 7.1
What about 6 x q acoustics 2020 + central and sub.


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Q accoustics do seem to have a good rep now. Have you heard them? I was also looking at the accoustic energy neo max. The floor standers seem to have gotten particularly goof reviewa.. The dali zensor 5 also seem to be raved about lately and i could just get an extra set of the bookshelf speakers... The choices

So does everyone else feel there is enough 7.1 material out there to warrant spending the extra?



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Not 2020 but I have 2010 and they are bril.
You need to have sub for them as they only small speakers but what a crisp sound they give.
Even if material is not in 7.1 but 5.1 AV receiver will distribute sound to all of them. So at the end of the day you will benefit from it. But remember that the key is to position them correctly.
I downgraded temproary to 5.1 as I can't place my side surrounds in right place at the moment and it was ruining whole efect.


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At present not much 7.1 audio tracks but hopefully more will come out.

I have the Jamo THX D500 5.1's partnered with the 609, I was surprised how good they match & they both sound awesome in THX mode (when set correct & calibrated)

I would maybe try a 5.1 set-up first. Then borrow (if you can) another set of surrounds & try 7.1.
If both the Amp & Speakers are set up correct it should sound great :smashin:


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I would look to get the best 5.1 package you can afford and then maybe add on the extra channels further down the line. The Monitor Audio packs are nice as you have the option if going for either the FX wall-mounted rears or bookshelves, depending which will suit your room layout.

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