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I posted a thread a while back looking to upgrade my MJ Pro50. Considered B&W 750 and MJ Ref 1. Twas suggested i consider SVS. Did a lot of research and went for a PC20-39Plus. I ordered it on a Monday, and it turned up the following Tueday. What do i think ? OH MY GOD !!!!!! Ineed to break this down .
1. There service is staggering, both before and during the order process. e-mail replies on a weekend, crikey, you could be mistaken for thinking they care.
2. The build quality is awesome
I have a dedicated purpose built cinema in the garden, which has attracted no interest in 2 years. The neighbours now know i have a new Sub.
3. Within 2 days the neighbour was round, wondering what the thunder like sound was....heee heee

Seriously, this beast will blow your wig off (assuming you have one) The sub is in the back corner of the cinema, 10 feet away from me. Seating is 2 rows of cinema sets, When i first set it up (M&K K Series speakers set to 75db Sub to 85db) my seat was actually shaking. How i never wet my pants i do not know. So in summary, i'm quite impressed...not. i'm speechless!!!!:thumbsup:


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Ian, how did I know you would say something like that... Hee hee! :p


Originally posted by mrxfilms

"I have a dedicated purpose built cinema in the garden."

What do you do when it rains? :devil:

Welcome to the SVS Club.

Enjoy! :)

I agree with everything you say about SVS, their incredible service and their products. No wonder the AV forums are so full of SVS fans.

Just imagine. No demo's. No advertising. No bull**** claims. Just the simple truth. Yet sometimes they can't build them fast enough to satisfy demand.



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I have a space right in the corner of my room waiting for one........but, wait it will until I get a new amp and out of debt :(

Nice priorities Steve:rolleyes:


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Might suggest to Mrs Stella we build a home cinema in the back garden when we move in to our new house!!:D

"Erm you know that garden we wanted for the kids, and sunbathing and barbequing, etc..."

Maybe I'll spare myself the fly pans!!!
Bit of advice for Stellavision

1. Sod the kids
2. Sunbathing gives you skin cancer
3. buy a health grill

All your problems solved !

Build the Cinema ! (Might catch on that one)


A decent cellar or basement would be far cheaper than building from scratch and wouldn't attract either attention, planning, building regs, noise complaints, local valuation taxation increases, building costs, materials, electricians or VAT. There must be other things I haven't thought of as well. Oh yes: Loss of garden space better used for other things. Difficulty selling on with a cinema in the garden?



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We have agreed that our loft is going to be mine to do what I want with, so as soon as funds permit that will be where I build my cinema room.


Another excellent choice. Often far larger space than the rooms in the house below.
Insulating the sloping wall/ ceilings can be difficult if you want more thickness for warmth in winter.
As our roof surface needed replacing I built a new roof over the old one allowing very thick insulation.
A reflective foil (or foil covered plasterboard) is also a good idea to reduce heat transmitted through to the interior from the hot roof surface.
But this is becoming more of a DIY forum discussion now. :)


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