New Summer House, multipurpose, with cinema. Too much compromise??


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I have a new Summer House that is ready for 1st fix. No internal walls are built, and the internal area can be divided however I want. The soil pipes for the toilet and shower is in the locations shown. The idea is that the main area is a general flexible use area the kids (aged 7 and 4) can set up train tracks etc. It could have a drop down screen in front of a TV and is set up for maybe 7.1.4 with wall mounted speakers.

My existing 5.1 setup from 2008 is a 720p Optoma HD65, Onkyo NR905 receiver, BK Monolith, Monitor Audio Silver fronts and centre, and 2 RSFX Rears in a 5.6m x 4.2m living room.

This outbuilding will probably have white walls and ceiling, a light coloured floor and has large sliding windows of 4m and 2m length which open out onto the garden. I could have heavy curtains across the windows.

Here's what I have in mind for the internal layout. However, the main area would be almost square which I think means issues with the sound. Finished ceiling height will be 2.4m


Here's the plan with measurements


And here's a 30s video of what it looks like right now.

The seating for the screen would need to be non-permanent flexible and easy to move around.

As I'm typing this, I'm wondering whether the compromises are too great, and I'd be better off forgetting the cinema idea, getting a reasonable size TV and a sound bar, and perhaps upgrading the house system in the living room instead.

Any thoughts much appreciated.

Cheers, Al


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The first home cinema with a utility room inside :) The best solution for the utility area is to move it to where the couch is and box it in with folding doors. You will then be able to use the plumbing from the bathroom rather than recreate a separate water/outpipe. Then the couch could reside where the utility is on your diagram (although it would be much better sited opposite the screen when playing movies)

I hope this helps.


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Thank you Mazon. I've been pondering this over the last few days, and now think I'd be best with a TV instead of a cinema setup in the Summer house, and to upgrade the living room cinema in the house when funds allow. We tend to do movies more on winter nights, and it will be more practical to be inside the house rather than an outbuilding.

I'll need to work up the measurements and plan for the living room and start another thread...!

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