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Im new to the forum so firstly id like to say hi :hiya:
Now, im lookin at buyin a new sub to replace the Gale 3070 im currently using, im lookin at spending £300 tops at the moment what with funds bein a bit tight. Ive seen a Tannoy Saturn Sub 15 which i like the look of but im not all that clued up bout them to be honest, would this be a good deal for £225? If anyone can recommend somethin else id love to hear, ideally i want somethin with abit more slam than my gale, prob alot to ask for the money but u neva know ;)
Thanks in advance guys and gals

Jay :)

Currently using:

Yamaha RXV 640 RDS
Panasonic DMR E55 DVD
Tannoy M3 front
Tannoy Fusion C center
Tannoy M2 rear
Gale 3070 sub
Grundig Sky digibox


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Thanks guys, i did actually look at the BK sub on their site, is there any advantage/dsiadvantage of the downward firing sub over the conventional sideways model?


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I think that this has been covered quite extensively and conventional wisdom is that there is little if any difference and you will be happy with either.

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