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Dec 26, 2003
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Just found this, cant't take the claim for finding it but it looks pretty interesting.

Reading the site it says its coming to the UK soon, wonder how much ?
I had a look and it was a pretty amazing piece of kit. The frontend software was very impressive..very user friendly,even the wife sat down and had a demo.

For it to function effectivley the guy reckoned at least 1 mb broadband and even boasted about his 10mb speeds going into his flat in sweden:eek: .

One thing that wasn't clear.......i.e what connections it sported e.g dvi etc.

Uk release april. Around £2000

May even sell my hcpc and get one..
Had a demo at the Bristol show, it was pretty neat. He said 512kbps would be the minimum requirement.

Cost wasn't clear, but it was certainly a subscription service, with pay per view streaming movies (availble for something like 24 hours once they're cached onto the hard disc), and monthly subs for the various channels (roughly £2 a month for the MTV like music channel, for example).

Personally wasn't too keen on the interface - too many constant reminders that it was running Windows, with pop-up dialog boxes and the like. I felt the xlobby configuration been run on the uvem stand was far nicer look and feel wise, although there's obviously not the whole streaming / subscription model in that case.

Interesting though to see people working on delivering premium content over broaband.

Cheers, Carl.

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