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What the hell is going on with the packaging of the new SE Star Trek movie releases?

The packaging on The Motion Picture : Director's Cut was really nice, but according to the picture on say Amazon Khan has a silver "widescreen collection" box, totally different from the first film.

I was really looking forward to collecting all six films as they are released, but don't know if I want to bother if they are all going to look completely different. May as well hang onto the original R1 release of Kahn...



Although i too would have liked it to be in the same style as ST:TMP Directors cut, I don't think it's that bad and to be honest its the contents of the disc that interest me more.

DVDFile's review of the dvd concludes : "After a very long wait, fans are finally getting the special edition of Star Trek II they've always wanted. An upgraded transfer, tons of new supplements and a nice price of only $24.95 list make this a must-buy even for casual Trek fans. And if you have the previous movie-only release, it's worth selling it off and picking this one up. Can't wait for the next one! "

I can live with the different packaging design.I just want to own this newly remastered version of arguably the best Trek film to date!


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Thanks for posting the picture.

You're right the packaging on it's own isn't that bad, it fails to make the two DVD's look like they are part of the same series.

I wonder what will happen to the R2 packaging? Going on previous Paramount releases it will be identical to the R1...

Are you upgrading to this version of ST II or just buying new. I'd already read the DVD File review and they seem to be scratching around to describe any big improvements to the picture and sound.

In other words apart from the extras I can't see the point in upgrading from from the original release...


I'm in a different position because i don't own the existing copy containing the theatrical cut,so this is something of a no brainer for me.Shelling out again for the film or "double dipping" as it's commonly reffered to, depends on how badly you desire the extra 3 minutes of footage, new supplements and the very marginal improvement in picture quality. A tough choice!

I do understand your point about continuity (or lack thereof) when it comes to the packaging.If it's any consolation Paramount are going with the same design for Star Trek III aswell so it looks like they have at least decided on a theme for the rest of the Special Editions. It's a shame that the original will stick out when they are all lined up on the shelf but as long as i've got the best available versions then i guess i can live with the aesthetic shortcomings.



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Personnally I think it would have been a good idea to have the picture of the Enterprise on the spine of the cases take shape as they are released. As done with the 007 logo for the James Bond films.
One for my wish list I think.


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Mine was in french! :(


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I took an extra look at my Motion Picture box lastnight and it is *kind-of* the same style as the forthcoming releases. The "Widescreen Collection" logo and general layout are the same. The spines are similar too.

It's just the colour scheme that looks different - metallic silver instead of the black and yellow.

The artwork on the front of Search for Spock looks quite good, much better than the Wrath of Khan.

Anyway enough whinging from me, I'll doubtless be buying it anyway along with the rest of the collection. Except maybe ST V, unless they let Shatner revisit the film like they did with Robert Wise.

Can't wait for ST VI, the existing DVD releases are awful!


Originally posted by Lex
Mine was in french! :(
Its because of where you bought it from.
The Canadian version as with all new Paramount DVDs has dual English / French sleeve. Althought this is not too bad compared with some like Spy Game.
I believe Movietyme are one of the few UK based companies to offer the US version. But you do pay more.

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