New stereo speakers - some advice please


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Hello all,

I’m looking to upgrade my speakers I’m finding that the more read on the topic, the more confused I’m becoming. It’s a minefield out there and I just can’t make a decision, so I’m hoping to get a few suggestions from all you well-informed forum members. 

I know that the first response I’ll probably get is to go for an audition at my local hifi shop, but before I do that I’d really appreciate some ideas on the speakers I should be auditioning so that I can make the best use of my time there.

Firstly, my existing setup:

Cambridge Audio 640a v2
Cambridge Audio 540c and FLAC files via a DacMagic
BK XLS200 sub
Wharfedale Diamond 9.1

I’m looking to replace the 9.1’s.

My budget is £700 for the speakers. I already have decent stands.

I listen to a wide range of music but listening sessions usually end up with a good house CD spinning (something like Above & Beyond’s Anjunadeep). Therefore, I need speakers that work well with electronic music and rock (my other favourite genre). I never listen to classical.

The listening room is not big – approx. 3.2m x 4.5m – so placement is another key requirement i.e. not too far from the wall.

It seems I’m better off with standmount speakers rather than floorstanders at my price range, then again this is what I’ve read on various forums but I don’t know how valid this statement really is.

Speakers that have caught my attention so far:

Dynaudio 2/7
EB Acoustics EB2
B&W 684

I know that much of this is very subjective but in any case, your thoughts and suggestions are appreciated.



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Have you listened to the Monitor Audio Silver RX-6s? I suggest you listen to them, I feel they are way better than the 684s. I will also suggest you listen to the Dynaudio 2/6s.

It will be a difficult choice between the Dynaudios and the MAs since they are in the same price range.

Personally, I prefer floor standers.


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Also, give a listen to the B&W CM5, a very clear detailed speaker with good bass for a bookshelf speakers. Priced at about £800/pr.

Though hard to criticize Dynaudio, they have worldwide reputation for making quality speakers. You could afford to push up to the larger Dynaudio 2/7 which are about £600/pr (6.5" bass driver)

Also worth a look are the Dynaudio Excite X12 for about £700/pr.

One note, all the Dynaudio are rated at 4 ohms.

The Focal 700/800/900 bookshelf speakers are exceptionally clear speakers, and well worth considering -

Bookshelf - Loudspeakers Hifi Gear

The bass on the Focal 807V (~£670/pr) is a typical 50hz at -3db, but it has a 7" bass driver so it should push some nice air. I've auditioned the Focal 800 series, and I can confirm that they are exceptionally clear speakers.

The Dali Ikon 2 are worth a look. The Ikon 2 MKII is about £790/pr, but the older MKI can be had for about £650 to £700 -

Dali Ikon 2 - Google Search

As fullerms mentions the floorstanding Monitor Audio RX6 are also worth a look at about £800/pr.

Even the Monitor Audio RX2 with an 8" bass driver for about £525/pr are worth considering. These have pretty intense bass, so placement is critical. Too close to the walls or in the corners, and for many, the bass become overbearing.

Just a few thoughts. Personally, if Dynaudio appeal to you I would seriously consider the larger 2/7 model.

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