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I've spent a few days browsing the usual places in the hope of settling on a new amp and now opening it up to the boards.

I've had AVRs for years now, running 5.1 and more recently 5.1.2 with some in-ceiling Atmos speakers. I've been pretty happy with how it's set-up and it sounds good however the layout of the room is terrible and requires a 90° sofa move whenever I want to pull down the screen for a movie night.

So I have decided to downscale to a simpler 2.1 stereo set-up for music and TV/movies. I'm not a gamer beyond mariokart so no consideration needed there.

Current equipment list for my surround system (the full lot) comprises the following:

Epson TW5800 projector
Denon x3500
Fronts - tannoy revolution xt6f
Centre - tannoy revolution xtc
Rears - arcam muso
Atmos - monitor audio c165
Sub - BK monolith / xxls400
Unused bookshelf speakers - epos k1i

In looking to move to stereo, I picked up an SVS soundbase amp which takes care of all my streaming needs from my server and also Tidal, optical connection for the tv and has plenty of power to drive the xt6f and BK sub. However it's lacking a physical remote which is needed with the inconsistency in volume of sky broadcasts and Netflix/prime for movies and my tinnitus condition.

Any suggestions around £6-800 that would satisfy my needs and match with the tannoys? If the SVS had a remote it would be ideal, so open to the floor....



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Creek Evolution 50A. Has HT Bypass should you want to use it to power the front speakers of a 5.1 system, and has a pre out for using a sub if you want to do 2.1. Also sounds excellent with your speakers: I have the XT6Fs and the Creek 100A and it's a blinding combo 👌🏾
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