New Steam Hardware Survey - May 2008


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A new Steam hardware survey is always an interesting read, just to see the latest trends of fellow gamers. Some of the popular components at the moment are:

Single Core Intel CPU @ 2.3 Ghz to 2.69 Ghz
NVIDIA GeForce 8800
2GB RAM and above
Windows XP
250GB Total HDD Space
16" 4:3 Monitor @ 60Hz
Realtek AC97 Audio
Microphone enabled
DVD Drive
2MB DSL or Cable


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thought most monitors were 17" not 16:confused:

surprised the Single Core Intel CPU is popular. AMD always was top on previous ones. Thought the core2duo might have been now. Same with the graphics card thought an older card would be top.


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Probably single core due to the fact that their engine is playable on 4 year old pcs. :) If they did a survey of newer engines like crysis or unreal I am sure the results would be different. :)

Miss Chief

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That's the average size so i'd assume quite a lot of people still use 14" CRT or 15" TFT monitors.


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I was surprised by how many people are taking advantage of DX10 at the moment. Under 10%! :eek: I thought that number would have been a lot higher.


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I wouldn't bother going DX10 yet on my PC. Still on my X800GTO2, don't see the point beefing it while I don't have a widescreen. Got a 8600GT DDR3 on this laptop though.

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