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    Hi everyone,

    I'm looking for some advice for a DV cam for my quite specific application. I'm a first timer to this so I need do some research without getting information overload.

    I need to video rowing crews on the water. For this task many cams seem to have a problem with the glare from the water. I don't want to end up videoing silhouettes against a white background.

    I’ll be videoing one handed, from a small coaching launch whilst steering with the other hand. So some stabilisation would probably be quite a good feature. A view screen is better than a view finder (safety reasons) but a viewfinder is good for bright sun when the view screen can’t be seen.

    Splash proofing is a good idea but I guess these things can be bagged?

    I would like to be able to transfer the movies to a G4 Mac or PC.

    Sound is not important nor is the ability to take stills.

    I would like to spend in the region of £600 - £800 pounds. Can I get one cheaper overseas or will I run into compatibility problems?

    I would often go for the obvious makes such as Sony but some people have mentioned that these are not good with the exposure and metering?

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    For the glare problem, look at getting a polariser filter.

    These are the same as you would use for a stills camera and can really cut down the glare and other reflections.

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