New Stargate movies


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New movies planned :clap: ;

Dean Devlin, co-writer and producer of the original Stargate movie, told SCI FI Wire that he has struck a production deal with MGM and is developing the long-delayed sequel feature films that will pick up the story from the 1994 original—but not the mythology subsequently elaborated on in the SCI FI Channel original series Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. Devlin added that he hopes to enlist original stars Kurt Russell (Jack O'Neill) and James Spader (Dr. Daniel Jackson), who have expressed an interest.

"When we created the original Stargate, we always envisioned it as a trilogy, and, unfortunately, the way in which the movie got made, we didn't really have control over [it]," Devlin (The Triangle) said in an interview at Comic-Con International in San Diego on July 20. "We didn't have the ability to do two and three. MGM had then made a big commitment to doing the [SG-1] series, and they were worried that the movie could interfere with the series. Well, now that the series has run so successfully for so long and spawned a second series, and there's a whole new regime at MGM, they're not really worried about [it]. The series is running great on its own. And they think there is an audience out there who would like to see what parts two and ... three were intended to be. Because there was a larger story arc that we had in mind, and we never got to explore it so I think it will be very exciting to actually get to go do parts two and three."

Both Russell and Spader have expressed interest, Devlin added. "They've always said they wanted to do it. ... The irony is actually because it was 12 years ago that we made Stargate, [and] part two was actually supposed to take place about 12 years later. We were just going to kind of age them up as actors. So it actually works out really nicely."

The sequels would steer clear of the TV show mythologies, Devlin added. "That's right," he said. "We would just continue the mythology of the movie and finish that out. I think the series could still live at the end of the third sequel. So we're going to try to not tread on their stories."

Roland Emmerich directed the first film. "Roland wants to be involved in the development of it, and he wants the first opportunity to decide if he gets to direct it," Devlin said. "I think a lot of it will depend on what it costs to make. Roland now, he's making some pretty big pictures, so a lot of it will depend upon how much money I can raise to [do] parts two and three. But he definitely is interested in it. He's always loved the story arc, and the second and third parts are really interesting, and so it would be fun, it would be fun to explore."


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I'm sure both actors would be happy to star in it as both their careers are flagging. Especially Kurt Russells after starring in the excellent Poseidon. :rotfl:

Would be odd seeing it without the TV cast though. Can't really remember much about the film, except Jack being much more moody and lacking humour compared to the TV version


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I can't see how they can do it. They cannot ignore the TV series and it carry it on from the end of the first film. People will just make comparison with the TV series and how it carried on with the Stargate theme. They should just make two films that don't carry on from the first film and have it as two missions that could happen anytime during the SG

I remember some time ago ther was also talk about a SG1 feature film after the series ends. This was described as Stargate II. I would prefer to see this than the original cast.


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Bringing back Kurt Russel and James Spader would be a HUGE mistake.

Stargate would not be the same without RDA, Judge, Tapping and Shanks.

It just would not work and i could see there being a major backlash if they do without the current cast.

The Stargate II movie is the best idea, there were rumours that they would make a feature film and spawn a new Stargate after the movie making it 3 Stargate TV shows.


Re the actors if they film was a follow up to the original film maybe the original actors, but this would throw out everything that has gone on since in the numerous series on TV and would be a bit silly to ignore it.

If they did a film it should have a stand alone plot that should have the TV actors in it.

pags payback

I think Stargate has past it's best anyway & they are flogging it to death. :thumbsdow

However IF they're going to make another big screen film it SHOULD star the current TV cast (including Ben Browder) plus RDA. You can't have 2 separate entities running together it just confuses things. IIRC the original creator of BSG wants to do a big screen BSG(on the back of BSG 2004's success) with all new cast. what's the point.:rolleyes: I'm sure if given the chance the film would suck compared to the new series. The original stars /film makers of Stargate had their chance for sequels now the TV stars have earned their right to be in any film made. IMO RDA is Col Jack O'neill not Kurt Russell:nono:


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I think the series (and actors in it) is a lot better than the film was even though its dragging on a bit now.

Would seem strange to have the original cast in the film.


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Its a terrible idea. The original film was a good idea poorly executed. The TV shows, both Atlantis and sg1 have surpassed the movie and have taken on their own identity's.

Have you seen the trailer for dean devils:devil: latest movie fly boys? my goodness, if thats the sort of quality he is turning out , then i really do have no faith in another "original cast" Stargate movie.


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The original Stargate was a decent film and one of the better Devlin has been involved in. There would be no SG1 or Atlantis without it.


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You can always pretend it's another alternative universe so what gone on in the TV series can be ignored :rotfl:

It would be interesting to see what they had planned, but I also agree that we have grown up with the TV series now and switching back to the original actors will be a bit weird.

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