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New Speakers


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I currently have a pair of monitor audio rs6's linked up to a cyrus cd8x cd player and musical fidelity a5 integrated amp. I've recently upgraded both the cd player and amp but am now looking to upgrade my speakers to match the level of the rest of my equipment.

I was thinking of possibly getting the monitor audio gs20's or 60's but was thinking I might get a better overall sound with warmer speakers as the electronics I have have a neutral or maybe slightly bright sound. I also like the look of the dynaudio audience 82 as I've seen good reviews. But I'm also considering getting a sub to give me some extra bass as I'd like plenty of it. I want to go and listen too as many as possible. But can't find anywhere to get a listen to the dynaudios.
I have a maximum of 2500 pounds to spend on both so either 1500 on speakers and 1000 on sub or all on the speakers. Although I'd probably keep my budget to 2000 for just speakers unless it was going to be worth the extra. I definately want floorstanders and something that can make the most of my amps 250watts. I listen to most types of music but mostly rock and metal. Although I'd like speakers that sound good with most music. Room size isn't too much of a problem as I'll be moving out next year and getting a place with as large a front room as possible.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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I think MAs sound bright at the best of times. They verge on harshness with Cyrus electronics when Ive heard them together.

You've got a decent budget there so get out an audition as many speakers as possible. Dealers will happily accomodate and have a lot of time for you with that budget!

I think some Focus 220 floorstanders will give you everything you need without the need for a sub, imo. Also take a look at Spendor, Wilson Benesch, Dali, Im sure there are plenty of others


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Personally, I think the MA Silver RS6 Speakers would be a perfect match for your MF A5 Integrated amp and Cyrus CD8X CD Player. Due to the amp have a slightly refined sound and matching them with bright or harsh MA spks and extremely detailed and upfront sound of the Cyrus CD8x it should work out great.

But try and demo the MA spks with your amp and CD Player if possible.

All The Best


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