New Speakers will my Yamaha rxv371 be ok??


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Hi all.
I could really do with some advice. i have ben running a Yamaha RXV371 Av receiver with the Canton Movie 80CX package for a year or so. I have now decided to upgrade the speakers to Wharfedale Diamond 10.3's all round with a Diamiond CS centre and keep the existing Canton Subwoofer.

On looking at specs and playing around it seems the RXV371 only controllers crossovers globally, do you think this is going to cause me a problem?? or should i really be looking at upgrading the receiver??

Any advice would be of great help as im going round in circles.

Thanks in advance hope you nice people can advise.


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There should be no issue relating to the use of a single global crossover setting in conjunction with the Wharfdale speakers.


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Many Thanks dante01 Will i be losing out setting the crosover to 80 on the reciver as the wharfedales 10.3 can go down to 40hz or should i enable the extra bass feature which will send full range to the front speakers and anything below 80hz to the sub??


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The general advice is to have the crossover set to 80hz for home theatre no matter what size the speakers. Although the 10.3 go down to 40hz your sub will go down that far and be better at it too. By taking some of the heavy bass load off the speakers you will free them up to excel at the mid bass upwards. Hence you will loss nothing with a 80hz crossover and I would not enable the extra bass feature either.

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