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New Speakers - shortlist?

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by hutchingsp, Feb 16, 2003.

  1. hutchingsp


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    Let's say I decided to move my B&W 601s2's to rear duty, could I have some suggestions on a shortlist for replacement front speakers?

    I need something stand mountable, physically no larger than the 601's.

    My room is approx 3m x 2.5m, other kit is:

    NAD T741 receiver
    Quad 66CD.

    Predominantly Home Cinema use, say 75% AV, 25% Music.

    Musical taste is a little of everything except dance/rap/classical.

    Volume levels aren't exactly high..

    In theory I could spend just about whatever I wanted, in reality I don't want to spend too much and find my other kit can't do it justice.

    I've no intention of replacing the 66, and the NAD is pretty good compromise between AV and music without spending too much IMHO, so that won't be going anytime soon.

    There seems to be so much choice it's tricky to know where to begin, so I've been looking at the What HiFi buyers guide:

    Wharfedale Diamonds - is this the Quad influence?
    JMLabs 705 - don't know much about them, good reviews.
    Quad 11L - probably too good?
    601s3 - too "samey" to justify?
    Richer Sounds - any decent end of liners?

    I'd like to get something that should satisfy for several years to come, of course I may yet not bother and leave the 601's where they are and live with it, can't say I'm unhappy with them (but you can always want more?), but to me it makes more sense to move those and invest in better fronts that to spend, say £150 on rears that don't get used for music - don't want to seem like I've money to burn, it's something I've been considering for a while.


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