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Hi everyone,

I'm looking to upgrade my budget speakers for use with my turntable which is a Rega Planar 1.

Powering them will be a Sony STRDN860 AV receiver which I have as my initial thought would be that I'd have all tv and turntable audio going through it but my flat doesn't really suit a surround sound setup so I've decided to keep the tv and speakers separate and just use the receiver with my turntable. It's not ideal but I'm hoping to use the full av capabilities when I next move.

Anyway, currently I have very old Gale Silver Monitor speakers.

The space is about 3.5mx7.5m. Distance from speaker to normal listening position is about 3m.

My budget is ideally around £300.

At the moment I'm thinking of the following after reading some good reviews of speakers in my price range:
  • Q Acoustics 3020i
  • B&W 607
  • Mission QX-2
I've seen the KEF LS50 speakers mentioned a lot. These are way out of my budget but if nothing I've suggested comes close then it's possible I can save and wait a bit.

Would love to hear some advice and recommendations!



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The concept 20s in my experience (demo at richersounds hanley) are a little bass light in large open rooms.

Some owners have reported that they sound their best on the dedicated concept 20 stands. Not cheap at £170.

If you can stretch your budget and have space, a pair of used or b grade concept 40s would more than solve the bass light issue, provided you have sufficient space behind them. Herr are mine:



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I think the Sony STRDN860 AV receiver is the weakest link here, you are not really going to get the full value of your Rega TT and speaker with Music.

I would discount getting KEF LS50 while great they need a lot of driving (expensive amp). The Missions LX2 get a lot of love, but I think the Q Acoustics 3020i would get my vote. Look for an amp later maybe the Audiolab 6000a which I have is a great bit of kit and can drive a sub to give you all the bass you need, again something that can be added, or the Rega Brio another great amp.


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The Mission LX2 have been superseded by a newer model called the LX2 mark 2 so that is something to bear in mind. I expect the mark 2 to be more expensive but still good value.

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