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Discussion in 'Video Streaming Boxes & Services' started by Antpink, Dec 26, 2004.

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    ok - the fronts in my 2001 Renault Scenic have given up the ghost (at least they sound pretty crap now if I up the volume any, whereas before they were fine). So, now looking to replace, but not sure what will work - original install has a midrange in the door and tweeter on dash. Tweeter is branded as Blaupunkt, but midrange (I think 130 or 150 mm) is generic bog basic looking, no branding. Do not know whether the xover is in the door or in the dash, and am not about to take the lot apart to find out. So - question is, does anyone know whether there is an equivalent swop I can use, where I can replace driver and tweeter using existing xover, or tell me where I can find the xover without digging too far. I have tried to get information from Renault, but the people over here are basically ignorant of the inner workings (I am in Singapore), and I am reluctant to go to an ICE dealer for something I should be able to do myself.

    Next question, for the future, has anyone had experience of keeping the front unit standard and adding a 4 channel amp to drive the fronts and rears, and do you know if the stock head unit has pre-amps, or will it require a "bodge"? For info, I upgraded my old Volvo 850 this way, kept the head unit and CD changer as standard, replace speakers all round, added amps and a sub - without opening the boot and seeing all the amps bolted to the rear of the passenger seats (and half the boot taken up by a custom sub enclosure) you would never know it had a serious sounding stereo install :smashin: - may be looking to do the same for the Scenic.

    Thanks in advance for any and all responses.

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