New speakers for record player or computer?


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I have a Yamaha Auto Return P-350 with a BBE FJB-200X Phono Preamp. I have some Studiophile AV-40 speakers that I'm currently using for my computer, but am looking to invest in some speakers for my record player (or get better speakers for my computer, depending on what would be the better option.) I'm moving into a full house soon, so sound wouldn't be an issue and I'm looking to spend up to $300 on a good set of speakers. Should I get new speakers for my computer, or for my record player, and which one's should I look at? Any suggestions?


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I'm curious why it is one or the other? Can't a new system serve both the computer and the turntable?

At £300, you should do well in both an Active Studio Monitor or a separates system. So no problem with budget.

But, could you expand on why one or the other?



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The only reason why I want two sets of speakers is because I hate having to move my speakers across the room to use them for my turntable. While I understand it's not completely necessary to get new speakers, it's a hassle to move them to my computer or turntable depending on if I want to listen to records or music on my computer.


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So, the Computer and the Stereo are in the same room, right?

The main question you are asking is Computer or Stereo upgrade? And that is probably the one question we can't help you with.

Can you list all the Audio equipment you have?

We got the turntable, Phono pre-amp, and computer speakers, but is that it? Amp? Stereo Speakers? CD Player? Whatever???

The AV40 are OK, so your computer should be functional, though it depends on how and how much you use the computer. Given that it has tolerable speakers, I think maybe concentrating on the stereo at this point. But, not knowing what you have now, makes it very difficult to recommend where you go next.

So, again, a list of all the Audio Equipment you have, and how you use it?

For example, I use my stereo to listen to normal TV, as well as videos, and of course, music. I generally don't play exceptionally loud, but it gets up there. That said, my wild party days are over. I like good clear sound, but not necessarily overly exaggerated bass. That's the kind of information I'm looking for from you.

Again, I think within your budget, you can do pretty well regardless of which direction you choose to go, but we need some more details to give us a framework for our comments.

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Yes, they are both in the same room.

I have my turntable which I use to listen to records. It does not have any speakers built into it, so I am currently using my Studiophile AV-40's for both my computer and turntable. When hooking up the AV-40's to my turntable I use the BBE FJB-200X Phono Preamp. On occasion, I will also hook up my iPod to this setup using the Aux input.

I use my computer to watch videos and listen to music. I would like it to get fairly loud since I'm still in college and am looking for speakers that will be good throughout school (I am an audio production major as well, so I am looking for speakers that would be good in production)


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That's a very odd setup, I must say.

Have you simply considered getting a Line Level Switch, so you could switch between devices instead of plugging and unplugging them all the time? These aren't free, but they are reasonably cheap.

For example -

B TECH BT31 3 WAY STEREO INPUT SWITCH - available from Superfi UK

Allows you to select one of three Line Level Inputs, and direct it to a single Line Level Output.

In terms of good speakers, consider KRK, respected home studio monitors -

Google-UK - Shopping Search - KRK Rokit 5

KRK Rokit 6 - Google Search

KRK Rokit 8 - Google Search

Pay attention to whether the speaker are price as EACH or per PAIR.

These are far and away above the M-Audio speakers.

This should give you some idea of the possibilities -



Yamaha HS50M active monitors (Pair) with Free XLR Cables

Google-UK - Shopping Search - Behringer Truth Monitors

Again, pay attention as to whether the prices are EACH or per PAIR.

Just a few thoughts.

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