New speaker brand launches in UK, with full surround sound system

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    Following is the press release from Armour Home Electronics about its new Q Acoustics speaker range&#8230;</p><p>&#8221;Armour Home Electronics is proud to announce the launch of &#8216;Q Acoustics', a completely new loudspeaker brand with a completely new speaker range. </p><p>Designated the Q Acoustics &#8216;1000 Series', the range consists of six models: two bookshelf speakers, two floor standing designs, a dedicated centre channel speaker and a powered sub-woofer. </p><p>To accomplish this very special project, AHE's own design team were joined by some of the world's most renowned loudspeaker designers and provided with unlimited access to anechoic chambers and the very latest technology, including laser spectrometry. In addition, the team were able to harness the industry &#8216;Golden Ears' responsible for voicing award-winning products far too numerous to list. </p><p>Every part of the new speakers is bespoke, optimised specifically for each new model. The tweeters, bass/midrange drivers, magnets, cone mass, cone rigidity, crossovers, terminal panel and fully braced cabinets are all designed with the sole purpose of creating the very best performing, affordable loudspeakers. </p><p>Each model is available in a choice of Black, Beech or Cherry finishes and all boast the same excellent, low distortion, ferro-fluid cooled, micro polyester weave tweeter. Advanced Linkwitz-Riley crossovers are used throughout, thus ensuring the smoothest response at the crossover frequencies, whilst the most stringent quality control requires every drive unit to be &#8216;torque mounted' into the front baffles, the latter being rigid, low resonance, multi-radial designs up to 32mm thick. </p><p>The range is as follows:<br>* Model 1010 - Small bookshelf/wall mount &#163;99.90<br>* Model 1020 - Medium bookshelf/wall mount &#163;129.90<br>* Model 1030 - Compact floorstander &#163;229.90<br>* Model 1050 - Floorstander &#163;329.90<br>* Model 1000C - Center channel &#163;99.90<br>* Model 1000S - Active Subwoofer &#163;199.90</p><p>All models will be available from Q Acoustics authorised dealers from early April 2006. </p><p>Please note: the dimensions of the 1030 and 1050 models includes the height of a beautiful aluminium plinth, which is included in the price of the two floor standing models and perfectly optimises their sonic performance. </p><p>For more information click <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">here</A>.&#8221;

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