New Sony W3000 and X3000-series LCD TV's announced - PLEASE USE NEW THREADS

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New Sony W3000 and X3000 FullHD sets will replace the previous Sony W2000 and X2000 (called XBR in US) series, according to this Sony USA press release:

You can read Sony's spec sheets here.

Major improvements compared to 2000-series:
  • 100 Hz "MotionFlow" screen refresh (120 in USA) (*)
  • dynamic contrast ratio up to 18000:1, depending on model
  • 1080p input, with upconverting on X-series
  • 24 fps "Movie Theatre" display mode
  • xvYCC 10-bit wide color gamut panel
  • Photo TV HD display mode
  • 3 x HDMI 1.3 input, with CEC support; 1 with L/R audio input
  • optical audio output
  • XMB-style on-screen display user interface styling
  • compatible with Bravia Internet Video Link module

(*) There is some confusion about whether the W3000 will have MotionFlow: the Sony press release did not mention it, and the spec sheets present conflicting information. Sony has been changing its specs sheets regularly, so that it is still unclear whether the W-series has MotionFlow or not.

US shipping dates reported as July, August or September, depending on specific model.
See press release above for details and US pricing.


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I guess it all depends if you need 1080p or not. I still can't decide if I do but am leaning towards not as most of my TV for now will be SD Freeview.



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10 bit panel like the new D3000 , great news.:D


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Well I'll be picking up the 46X3000 I think.

I was thinking about the new Philips/ Tosh sets- but if these are out around the same time i'll go for a Sony.


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Lets hope they solve the hit and miss clouding issue which plagues the current models....:lease:


Not worth the money or the wait (for me). After much testing, I can't stand being in front of anything more than 40" at 10 feet for general purpose viewing/gaming. Far too tiring on the eyes.

To that end, I just ordered a 40" D3000 from SonyStyle UK for the princely sum of just £1341 including delivery and 5 years guarantee. Can be had cheaper elsewhere, but with only 1 year cover and no guarantee that you will get allocation. I am guaranteed one.

You lot enjoy your waiting game! ;)


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Bizarrely, a Google search for the 40X3000 comes up with a link to the Sony Europe Customer Support pages, where a drop-down menu lets you look up information for the X3500.

Also included is the 70X3500!
Interesting X3000 there as well.

As this is a European website perhaps we won't be kept waiting too long after all.

Downside is that would probably rule out the 3 full HDMI ports we were just discussing.


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Been waiting all this time and they have,nt included an led backlight errr poo im waiting for a proper lcd with proper contrast and no clouds as standard cheers sony.


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Ps3 in HDMI 1, Great

Sky HD in HDMI 2, :oops: NO SOUND (unless you run in some more cables)
So buy that rather nice new ONKYO amp, and not only is it problem solved but all those nice new codecs start ringing round your room too:D


Got to be honest with you guys, im a plasma type guy whenit comes to flat panels (waiting on the new pioneers), but the last Sonys were very impressive and if it wasnt for the backlight issues, i think i would of bought one. They were that close to beating out the best plasmas. Now this model, depending on its price could really be speacial.

Put me down as very interested. looks like it will be between a SONY or Pioneer display.:smashin:


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:clap: :lease: :eek: i saw a 46ins sony lcd tv to .next to a sharp..46ins..set both had great pictures on images on screen...and they handled them well....any more info on these great looking sets...i was interested in the new viera..42ins plasma...and as a sky viewer im worried about screen burn with plasma...tho i like glass screen,s on plasma...i hate the plastic type screens on lcd.....!!!and putting a finger on the screen it,s like putting it in water....colours all go funny....i cant get my head round that....i would think it would be easy to mark..or or pick up.problems or do harm with a cleaner....ive marks on my lap top screen!!!.....and i only used a damp linen cloth...but i can still see smears....any info...on the big screen sonny...and the sharps....would be great ta...jacobite...


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I dont think thats what is ment by one hdmi with sound. It probably means one hdmi with L\R inputs for pc use like on the samsungs. Sonys use there screens and from the specs they seem very similar to the M86 series with the side hdmi input etc. It would be a bit stupid to have hdmi inputs which cant carry sound wouldnt it =P. Nice to see theyve got 2 component inputs.
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