New Sony TVs / Rear Projection Units?



In the US, Sony recently introduced an improved version of their DRC-technology for their rear projection tvs called "Digital Reality Creation™ MultiFunction V1 circuitry, which allows the viewer to customize the DRC™ feature".

Apparently this new DRC-version is also planned to be introduced in Europe in the new KV-32FQ80 und KV-36FQ80 TVs.

Does anyone know whether Sony will also release new rear projection tvs? I wrote an e-mail to Sony, who replied that they don't know yet what new products will be introduced in autumn (I read this as we won't tell you in order not to cannibalise current sales).



The new 36" tv is called the KV-36FS76 in the UK. No one is admitting to knowing anything about the features. (Although one retailer said the only difference was that there was an extra SCART. I very much doubt this will be the only difference.) We'll just have to wait for the magazines to review it. I'm hoping it will be in the October issues of the mags. since none of them mention the new tv in the current issues.
I also notices that most retailers are still charging a "high" price for the current 36" model.


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Just hope one of the improvements is better quality control at their factory and not have to rely on multiple swapouts and even then not get it sorted.


The new 44" Sony is a stripped down version of the current model, no DRC for starters

I was shown a brochure about it a while back and the Sony dealer was non to impressed, however it will come in at under £2000

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