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New Sony projectors(VPL-AW10 and VPL-AW15)are coming soon!!!!

wizard of oz1

Established Member
I have found this news on AVS forum in USA.

SAN DIEGO, March 28, 2007– Sony Electronics today unveiled two new front home theater projectors that bring the movie-going experience home at prices beginning at about $1,000.

The new BRAVIA 3LCD VPL-AW15 and VPL-AW10 projectors feature 1280 x 720 progressive resolution, which is ideal for large screen home entertainment applications like enjoying HD movies, gaming and sports.

“The popularity of high-definition programming and gaming is driving the adoption of big-screen home theater applications,” said Philip Abram, vice president of television marketing for Sony Electronics. “Our new projector line will bring that experience home for a broader range of consumers.”

Both new models feature a 165-watt Ultra High Pressure Lamp that produces 1,100 lumens for a life-like, vivid picture. Each one is equipped with a short focal-length lens with 1.6 times zoom and features low fan noise of 20dB (in low lamp mode), providing flexible installation options in many home settings.

The VPL-AW10 model features Sony’s Advance Iris for contrast ratio of up to 6,000:1 when "auto" iris mode is selected. The VPL-AW15 unit features the step-up Advanced Iris 2 technology, which also works with the High Contrast Plate device producing deep, accurate blacks and a dynamic contrast ratio of up to 12,000:1 when "auto" iris mode is selected. The Advanced Iris 2 also features a variable setting allowing for user optimization.

Additionally, the VPL-AW15 model has greater installation flexibility with lens shift, which helps adjust the picture both vertically and horizontally expanding projector placement options. Key to this feature is Sony’s All Range Crisp Focus (ARC-F) lens. The lens allows for flexible throw distances, making installation easier in less than ideal conditions like small rooms.

Users can also optimize the AW15’s model’s color palette with Sony’s Real Color Processing function. Color hues can be adjusted to match specific tastes.

Both projectors feature a HDMI input supporting 1080/24p, which is downscaled to native 720p and displayed at a native multiple of 24 for realistic cinema style motion reproduction. Other inputs include a RS-232C connection for custom control applications and a host of others including component, composite and S-video. The VPL-AW15 projector also includes an HD15 input for analog PC.

The new VPL-AW15 and VPL-AW10 front projectors are expected to ship in June for about $1,300 and $1,000, respectively. They will be available at Sony Style stores, online at www.sonystyle.com and at authorized dealers nationwide."


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Hey all, does anyone know any more info on these ? am currently using a Sony HS-20 but am lookin for a new PJ an i stumbled across these 2, nicely priced an i assume 3LCD is the same as 3DLP ?

one question tho, is the fact it will down scale to 720p an issue ? as i run 720p neways cos i think cable/ps3 look better on 720p over 1080i........am defo lookin at gettin one when they go on sale unless neone says otherwise........(oh an i only use it for PS2/PS3/Wii/TV)




Established Member
Think this PJ is due to be released this month but so far I've not seen anything since the original press releases etc. Hopefully it won't be much more of a wait to see it in the flesh. :)


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I've seen these advertised for a while now but to be honest I couldn't really muster much excitement for them. Maybe that is a bit harsh.

The VPL-AW15 seems to be a step up from the HS60 in terms of contrast and lumens and for under £900 looks rather good on paper.

table manners

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i work at a sony centre and we will have them on display soon but i dont think the mods will let me say what one but i will post what i think of them and it will be honest with my answer.


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Just read the review too, it was interesting comparing some of the shots of the Sony AW15 with the JVC. Not fair I know but you can really see the difference, although screen shots shouldn't be trusted too much.

Sony had a chance to do something interesting with these two PJs but I think they have blown it to be honest. Even the current competition the Z5 & AX100 offer far more than these two projectors.

I don't think I was being too harsh now and for around £850, there are much better choices out there IMO.

The follow up to the Z5 & AX100 will blow these 2 PJs into the weeds, I have no doubt.


i have this projector and i will change it to a panasonic pt-ax100e. i dont like the aw15 because it has a very lot of sde...

and its a very dim projector. say what you want but it isn't really brighter than the hs60 which i had before


Established Member
Just gone through the review and there's no mention of the 80" DynaClear screen that comes with the AW15S. The whole point of this projector being coupled with the screen was that it gave a great picture even with plenty of ambient light which was why there was a pretty big hoohar about it from a lot of people , including me.

Would be interested to hear if this screen can make the difference that Sony made out earlier in the year....

Here it is: http://www.sony.co.uk/view/ShowProd...e=Main&category=TVP+Home+Cinema+Projector#tab


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Does say "Bright Image in normal room lighting" but I guess we'll have to wait for a review or for someone to buy one to know for sure. Seems expensive to me....

table manners

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just had a look and we prob wont even see a display setup till sept and there is no release date yet for both models.so gonna have to hold one

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