New Sony OLED A8H 55inch crushed blacks issue ?


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Hello everyone,

First off , I must start off by saying I’m extremely new to high end(ish) TVs so please excuse me if I don’t know what I am talking about.

I recently bought a 55inch Sony a8h oled and noticed during certain scenes have blotched dark areas or artifacts.

i researched this an from what I can see this is what’s called crushed black( please correct me if I am wrong)

is this normal for OLEDs or should I return and get another one. Maybe a panel defect ? Not sure if the pictures I’ve attached do any justice but I can assure you it looks worse in person and very apparent.


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have you tried adjusting the settings as per here?
could be a brightness issue

martin 39

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This is a one thing the sony seems to get mentioned about. Is it a 4k hdr source or something on netflix sky etc. Ive not long had this tv in a 65 and its definitely down to source. My panasonic oled doesn't seem to sufer so much. I have used the settings on the forum and use custom. Tv has definitely got better as the month has gone on. Hope this helps

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