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New Sony LCD's the X series but only look to be 46"??


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Experience the Wonders of Full HD 1080 Pictures with the BRAVIA X-SeriesMar 3, 2006

March 2006 - The BRAVIA X-Series is designed to deliver a definitive viewing experience – full HD resolution pictures and true-to-life colour. Precision colour reproduction and the very highest screen resolution combine to create a picture that seems almost alive. Stand-out features include a Full HD (1920 x 1080) LCD panel, Live Colour Creation, which uses a wide spectrum backlight (WCG-CCFL) and the newly developed BRAVIA ENGINE EX, Sony’s unique intelligent picture enhancement technology. Capable of receiving 1080p signals, the BRAVIA X-Series twin HDMI inputs will ensure compatibility with the expanding HD environment in Europe as well as with high resolution, Full HD (1920 x 1080) signals in the future. Unlike most other TVs, the BRAVIA X-Series isn’t just HD-Ready; it’s Full HD-capable. Instead of scaled images which have been digitally reduced to fit lower-resolution panels, Full HD reproduces HD1080 picture exactly as it was transmitted. This is the key to a picture of the highest possible quality. This power is utilised to the full even when playing normal standard definition (SD) TV. The BRAVIA ENGINE EX actually increases the resolution by a factor of up to four, doubling the number of vertical lines and horizontal pixels. The result is an unprecedented degree of detail and clarity which raises SDTV to a completely new level. That’s why Sony calls the process “Digital Reality Creation”.

The X-Series doesn’t just deliver more detail; it gives you more colours too. Using decades of Trinitron know-how, Sony redesigned the panel backlight using improved light-emitting phosphors to boost the range of red and green in the spectrum. Precision-matched RGB filters in the screen make sure the increased colour range has the maximum impact on picture quality. The effect is, literally, to bring it to life, infusing the image with the complexity and depth of the real world. Live Colour Creation also relies in part on the remarkable power of the BRAVIA ENGINE EX to enhance the signal before it actually appears on the screen. The intensive real-time frame-by-frame digital processing carried out by the BRAVIA ENGINE EX visibly enhances colour and contrast and cleans up noise in the signal which could result in imperfections in the picture.

The screen itself is equally special. Each one is produced by the very latest 7th generation manufacturing process and features S-PVA (Super Vertical Pattern Alignment) molecular control for a wider viewing angle and colour that doesn’t fade as you move to the side. S-PVA also delivers a huge contrast ratio of 1300:1 – from dead black to pure white and everything in between. The result is detail, clarity and depth to do justice to the finest cinematography. “The X-Series embodies exactly what the new wave of Sony TVs are all about,” says Andreas Ditter, Director, TV Operations Europe. “Technology-driven, certainly, but completely focused on only one thing: the best possible experience for the viewer. That’s all that really matters here.” The X-Series sounds as good as it looks. Powerful integrated speakers and Dolby Pro Logic® II Virtual Surround digital signal processing fill the room with a convincing simulation of multi-channel audio. What you hear is further enhanced by BBE Digital® technology, which brings extra definition and clarity both to dialogue and the ambient soundtrack. All this is underpinned by all-digital amplification which keeps signal noise – and therefore hiss – to an absolute minimum.

All models in the range can receive free-to-air digital broadcasts via an integrated Digital TV (DVB) tuner1. External HDTV and other AV sources can be input through a wide choice of connections. Unlike many TVs, the X-Series has not one but two HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) inputs, providing an input route for a 1080p signal, not to mention essential future-proofing and convenience. In addition, there are three Scart and two Component interfaces, giving the X-Series unparalleled flexibility. Hooking up to a PC is a simple matter too, thanks to an HD15 PC graphics input. To round things off, every function is accessible using the ergonomically refined remote commander, which features enlarged frequent-use keys and relatively low key count for maximum ease of use.

1 - DVB-T MPEG2 digital terrestrial broadcast channels



Nice. Accepts a 1080p input then. Time for the other manufacturers to follow suit.


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Just called up Sony and the range is 40,46 and 52 but they're not out until June for the 46" and Sept for the other two. No prices yet but all are 1080p and have 2 x HDMI :smashin:

I guess we will have to wait :( but the question is can I!!!!

Its does look soooo good though, however I'm a little concerned about the glass front it could be a reflection nightmare! But as these will probably be about £3000 for the 40" I would have hoped Sony would have thought about that!!!


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thought that you might like a picture:)


  • bravia_x.jpg
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gooner#14 said:
little off topic but wat is the name of the music in the bravia adcert the bouncy ball 1?

'Heartbeats', performed by José González


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Iam I correct in reading that its the 40" and above that will only display 1080i/p

Hence the 1920 x 1080 ;)

Also any 1 seen dimensions ( total width )

many thanks


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hmm sdtv doesnt exactly looks stunning on 720p panels so I'm scared that it will look even worse on these, unless of course that additional "EX" is super duper :)


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usagi13 said:
Check out the link.

They have prices for all the new models - U, S, V, X.


hm, i hope these are MSRP because these LCDs still have some time before they will be released. the prices are a little bit too expensive for 2006 40inchers (despite 1080P and stuff)
but the other prices of this dealer (like the actual toshiba or the pioneer plasmas) seem to be streetprices :confused:


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Sony do seem to be keeping their pricing higher than most. The current ranges of Bravia’s are quite toppy. However looking around if they have got a full HD 1080p 40" screen with all the right connections for £2600 then I’m sold. However as above I'm more than at a little concerned about SD Sky and what that will look like on the X series? There is a rumour that the new Sky HD box will upscale everything in 720 which would be nice.
But I suppose it’s the usual story on paper this panel should be great but until you rock up at the retailers and view things yourself it’s very hard to tell. However the does sound like this new Bravia engine, which replaces the old WEGA engines for LCDs is supposed to be very. Again this may only be an on paper thing……

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