New SONY KDL-S32A12U - HD Material?


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I have just acquired a new SONY KDL-S32A12U which I am very pleased with. It replaced my KV32FQ75 (no scrolling bars!) which was very good but a monster both in size and weight.

Obviously I now have HD potential but no material to watch until Sky roll out their HD Box.

Pardon my ignorance :blush: but is there such thing as High Definition DVD?


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Bravia said:
Pardon my ignorance :blush: but is there such thing as High Definition DVD?

Not yet. Coming soon(ish). later this year/early next. Though I think that's the states. When it'll turn up here I don't know :rolleyes:


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ste0633 said:
Other than cost is there any reason why you went for the s instead of the v version?

I would have liked the V version but my wife was keeping a keen eye on my expenditure. I wanted a decent stand so I also had to add £250 on top of the price of the S. If price is not a problem go for the V! On a minor issue, I do prefer the mainly silver finish on the S, rather than the overall black look of the V. However, many will prefer black.

I would say one thing, if I was buying a TV for all the family to watch from different positions in the room, I would probably not buy an LCD. From an angle, the picture loses some definition and goes a bit grey. In our house, my wife sits next to me and the kids tend to sit on the floor in front of the TV so not a problem for us.

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