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    I've got the new SONY GX300 in a package with the SONY KD28DL11.
    When i playback my pre recorded DVD's they are playing in 4:3 ,not widescreen. I've set
    the TV type on the GX300 to 16:9 and the KD28DL11 aspect ratio is set to auto and it auto switches ok for 4:3 and 16:9 broadcasts.The GX300 detects 16:9 and 4:3 broadcasts on the DVD recordings I've made and the TV auto switches between the 2 when I play the DVD.So no probs so far with recording DVD's,tho I've only used DVD-RW VR mode so far as it's best for editing.I'm new to DVD recording and even in the SLP 6 hr mode the quality is better than VHS SP.
    It says on the DVD's I'm playing;
    widescreen format 1.85:1
    video aspect ratio 1.85:1
    16:9 letterbox
    should they play in 16:9 widescreen on my tv, so
    should the sonyGX300 detect them as widescreen? it does for DVD's that just say;
    widescreen or 16:9
    and my TV auto switches to wide when i play them.
    I'm really confused about this.
    Is the problem with theses DVD's or the GX300?
    The fan on this GX300 is going all the time,even when the GX300 is first
    turned on and doing nothing else!
    I expected the fan to be going while recording/playing etc but not when
    the machine is doing no functions at all. The only time the fan is off is when the machine is in stanby. The fan is also louder than I'd expected,much louder than my laptop's fan.Are all SONY DVD recorders fans like this?
    Hope you can help/advice me
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    I'm not really sure I understand what you're saying. Does your TV not switch to 16:9 mode when you're viewing a pre-recorded DVD? I've had no issues there at all with my GX300 (or my TV). Everything functions as expected.

    As for the fan, I can barely hear it if I'm right next to it and I certainly can't hear it when I'm on my sofa. If I didn't know I wouldn't even realise it had a fan it's that quiet.


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