New Sony Grand Wega (SX300)


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I got a chance to see one of these "up close" in the Metro Centre (Sony Centre). It was running the "Toy Story" (R2) DVD via RGB and was pretty impressed. I've been looking at plasma for a while and have been turned around on this new Sony set, mostly due to its price - I'm aware of the issues with LCD sets and to be fair, it didn't have jet-black blacks (no surprise there) but the colour was very good and detail was spot on.

It's a nice looking set to boot, looks good on its stand - I prefer its styling over the old SX200.

Just wondered if anyone has actually got one of these yet and what do they think? Have any of the HC mags reviewed it yet??

Can anyone shed any light on the "progressive scan" issue - it doesn't have component inputs (why Sony, why?) but it says in the Sony 2004 catalogue that its "Progressive" - I presume this just means it has a built-in deinterlacer?

Are there any things to watch out for with these Sony's (or LCD R-Pro in general?)

(edit): just realised this should maybe be in the Plasma & LCD forum? (Sorry!!)


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I saw that thread - it doesn't really address that TV specifically and it does have a bit of "my-plasma-is-better-than-your-LCD" stuff in it :)

Be nice if anyone who has a SX300 can contribute? Maybe its a bit early yet and noone has had a chance to buy??


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The situation is very confusing to say the least ! I have been speaking with Sony UK who initially told me that the 50SX300 can accept a progressvie signal via the PC input socket. I havesince read the instruction manual for the TV and it specifically mentions that the PC input accepts and RGB signal - assuming that is the only signal it accepts I guess component is out. Not sure if there are any DVD players that can output progressive scan via an RGB feed. There wasalso some confusion at Sony around whether the TV is PAL PS compatible. Anyway I have sentt them another email which they will hopefully come back on shortly.

Not sure how good the built in deinterlacer is in the Sony and how this would compare to a progressive scan picture ?


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rags: Thanks for the update, be interesting to see what info you uncover!

I thought that the Sony "progressive" systems (DRC, DCi or whatever they're calling their line-doubling/deinterlacing systems nowadays) were reasonable???


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I have ordered the 42" from Robert Whyte. Should be delivered sometime over the next 2 weeks.

I will be able to give you a hands on report then.

I saw it at the Sony Centre on Tottenham court road and was suitably impressed. Not too fussed about the blacks. I watch in dimmed rooms not with the lights off so it should be fine. I am a little concerned with fast motion though. I have yet to see it on display with football showing or some other fast moving sport. So it's a bit of a gamble in that respect. We'll see how it goes.


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Not exactly a "Televisions - direct view and rear projection CRT"

In fact not a CRT set at all.

(BTW - that's a good thing in my view).


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Im going to do an extended demo of this set at my uncles place on Saturday and if all goes well will order it on Monday.

Sony wrote back to me today re the progressive scan issue - they have sent the query to their technical bods and will come back to me early next week.

I have also had a lengthy conversation with my cousin the NY who has the 60" version - the US model has DVI input as well as component. He currently using a DVD player with progressive scan via component and is very very happy with the image and claims its nearly as good as his HDTV image via the DVI input. He however used to use a non progressive DVD player prior to getting the progressive one and does not feel there was any difference in picture quality. The sony apparentaly has one of the much better deinterlacers already in it.

Also read this - people seem to have varied results -

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