New Sony 28DX50 4:3 mode screen edges problem


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I just took delivery of a DX50. In 4:3 mode, the lines at the edge of the screen aren't straight. About 2/3 of the way up the screen they start to veer out. The top is about 0.5 CM wider than the middle. The top right is also worse than the top left.

Everything else is fine.

Is this normal ? Can anything be done about this ?



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My 32DX50 is the same - I think there might be setting in the service menu to solve this geometry issue. Don't notice it anywhere near as much on Smart or WS mode. Mine's getting replaced on Saturday after a week, because of marks on the chassis from the installers. If it's the same, I'll get the THX setup from Finding Nemo & have a play.


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I spoke to the retailer about this. They say the tolerance on the edges is 5 mm. My set is out by 5mm. Sure is annoying.

Anyone know what settings in the service menu will fix this ?


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A little more research on this...

I put up a test card. On closer inspection it appears the geometry on the set is good. Only slightly out where the screen widens. The problem is only related to where the edges diverge from the vertical. More asthetic than anything else.

I've decided not to forget it and hold onto the set.

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