New Sonos Box


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ZP120 Spotted on another forum!

>URL snipped<

Looks a lot neater and smaller.

Wonder if they are doing anything with the controller?



Wonder if they are doing anything with the controller?
From that page...

"The CR100 controller has had no update as far as we can ascertain."


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It still looks pants IMHO! They still look like a kid's potty. Could the designers not be bothered or were they simply too busy working on the next Porsche 911 as that never seems to change either? I was always a fan of the design of the controller other than the two handed principle which Logitech have addressed with the duet (but it's cheaply made by all accounts) so I only hope that they've improved the remote in some way otherwise this is the worst revamp ever!!


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Porsche 911 - Class leading car for decades. They didn't change the core design for one good worked.

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