New Slim and my Green light flashes...Need Help!


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Hello everyone. I literally received the console today, set it up, started playing COD3 and it froze. I noticed the green light kept flashing repeatedly, no beeps. Pressed the on/off button and nothing. I then ejected the disc and it came out. Green light still flashing, I pressed the on/off button for 15 sec and it went in to stand by. I then pressed the on/off again and it started up no problem. I inserted the disc and about 10-15 sec into COD3 it did the same thing all over again. This happened 3 times. The geen light just flashes non stop. Any ideas?

I found this vid, this is what happens:



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Don't know what exactly the problem is, but I'd check the COD disc is clean. Delete the install files/patch data if there is any, & reload the disc from scratch, re-install/patch, & try again.

Try another game & see if this causes problems.

Is it a new console, or pre-owned?. Either way it sounds like it might need to be returned for an exchange. I've never come across that in the 3 years I've had a PS3.

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