New Sky Unlimited member - Line tests, is this normal?


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I had Sky Unlimited switched on today and it all works well. I received a letter a few days back stating that they would be testing the line for 10 days and they would start me at 4mb. Once I had connected the router and configured my systems, I used speedcheck and it confirmed the 4mb download rate. I logged into my account this evening and it states that there is no line testing in place :confused:

Does this mean I will be stuck at 4mb?? With Orange, I was able to get 7mb without any problems whatsoever.

Can anyone else remember when they signed up, did it take a few days to start the line test??


it may not show up on your account that they doin a test because they finding the best stable line for your line so it should improve


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I wouldn't worry too much about it. I have been with Sky broadband for almost two weeks now and was told id only be able to receive around 4mb despite getting 6mb from Tiscali.

3 days after being activated i was up at 13mb and have been ever since.

Sky will test your line so thats why they advise you to keep the router on, once they have the max speed you can get then they should tell you.

Just call the broadband helpline and they will advise you on what speeds you should expect etc.


ignore the speedtest results just check what the router is actually connecting (sync'ing) at - that is the best guide as to what is happening.

Takes 7-10days or so with sky.:thumbsup:


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I had my Sky Unlimited connected at the end of May, after 10 days my download speed was 7.5mb which I was happy with, then about a month ago it jumped up to 13.5mb and two days later to 16.5mb which it has stayed at since.

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