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New Sky Plus And The Weather


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Hi. i just had sky plus installed on saturday and i am getting a message saying no satellite signal being received. its is also raining today, is there a link between the two. surely it shouldnt fail in the first few days.


no it shouldnt but it could be something sily so put the box in standby and wait till the HDD has stopped then turn off at the mains a give it 2-3 mins then switch the mains back on and let it reset itself and hopefully all will be well


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If this is an upgrade from Sky to Sky+ - the extra weight of the quad(4 output) lnb and cabling can cause the lnb arm in front of the dish to sag and unfortunately this can happen over anything from a couple of days to a couple of months. You probably need to get whoever installed it back to realign the dish.


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Where are you located?
Another cause of loss of signal is that the Zone1 (45cm) mini-dish gives marginal reception in some areas especially in really bad weather, but re-alignment is the probable solution


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I live in the south of England and have had very poor reception due to the weather on my Sky HD box in the last couple of days. You may just have a problem cuased by the wind blowing trees around close to the dish or heavy rain which can screw things up.


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thanks for the comments guys. the winds were very strong last night and there was heavy rain but today is nice and clam/no rain and it still isnt working. looks like i need to get the installer guy back.


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mine only seems to go funny in bad weather ie heavy rain


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We have had Sky and then Sky+ for years. Sky+ started deteriorating long after the 12 months warranty period; whenever it rained the picture went blocky and signal lost. New LNB and box supplied by Sky, same problem. Was advised by the second engineer that had come out that the first hadn't done his job properly; ie. hadn't realigned and secured the LNB with enough care. Sounds like a similar scenario for yourself, get 'em back out to look at it.

Sky+ signals do deteriorate over time but a new installation should be spot on whatever the weather.


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Go to the Services menu, and then System Setup.

Now push 0, then 1, then select. You should see Installer Setup.

Go into Default Transponder, and push red to reset the settings, and then save the settings and try view a channel.

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