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I have just moved into an old cottage with very thick (60cm) stone walls both internally and externally.
In my old house i had Virgin and 3 x Orbis with my Sky Q which worked well for the most part once I turned wifi off on the Sky Q box and hard wired it to the Orbi router. This isn't an option for me now and so I have just sold my Orbi system.
My current set up is Sky superfast with sky router, sky Q 2TB main box, a mini box and a sky extender. It is vanilla sky and I have had pretty good wifi-connectivity in all rooms when everything is playing nicely though i have a booster of some form in all but one of my downstairs rooms.

Sunday morning, I couldnt connect to the internet with an 'access point full' error. I restarted and resynched everything and it all came back. This happened again on Monday morning and this time, I just restarted the EE120 booster and this seemed to fix it. This then happened a further 5 times yesterday. Each time, the main hub was up, connected to the internet and providing wifi but the booster dropped out for some reason and as it is the next hop in the chain, everything after it lost connectivity.

Co-incidentally, i have just bought a second EE120 on Ebay to put in an out-building so i swapped them and so far today I havent had any issues. It is possible I have a dud booster and will have no further issues. However, that seems like wishful thinking and I can see hours of my life disappearing in front of me fixing unexplained wifi drops and am looking into alternatives now, not least as I have a load of cash from my Orbi sale if needed.

I don't do anything especially niche; I just need a solution that will provide solid wifi in every room (and can be extended easily enough to an outbuilding potentially) and that will play nicely with Sky Q without needing to be hardwired. Ideally I want something tried and tested and pretty bullet proof. I am not a networking guru but am technically competent.



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