New SKY HD Install!!


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Hi Everyone,

My SKY HD install is scheduled for Sept. 8th and I have a few questions...

1. My lease states that I cannot install a Satellite Dish so I was thinking of putting the dish on a pole in the garden. Is this O.K.? The reason I think I need a new dish is...

2. The house is pre-wired (internally with SAT plugs in some rooms) for regular SKY, but with only one cable. I really need SKY+!! Is there anyway to get SKY+ down one cable? I know that the single LNB needs to be changed to a double, etc. I have heard that there might be a device that can sum the two cables into one? Doe anyone use this?

Do I need to pre-warn the tech guy about my specific situation before they come out to the house or do they have all this equipement in their trucks? I can't find a phone number anywhere on the SKY tech support site!

Thanks for you help!

keith symonds

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Hi, If you want to have the full functionality of the Sky+ IE, watching one channel whilst recording another you need the twin feed from two seperate outputs off the LNB on the dish, The two inputs from the dish on the back of the sky box send out individual signals and voltages up to the LNB's for different settings, depending on what channel is required, the receiving section inside the LNB is switched, from horizontal to vertical polarisation signals and also high or low bands, so the two seperate runs of coaxual cable are not just supplying the signal from the dish to the sky box but are also supplying the setup for the lnb receiving circuitry.
I hope this is of some help in explaining what is acturely going on with the twin supply and think I have got it reasonably correct, but would be happy for any tech guys out there to correct anything.
The box will work with only one feed to it but you would only be able to watch the channel you have selected as the record function uses the second input to record from when first started. I am not sure if it would record if the recording was started from the EPG but if it did you would only be able to watch the program you were recording, so not much use realy


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Chances are you're gonna need to do some preparation before the 8th.

If you're gonna need the dish on a pole in the garden, I suggest over the next two weekends, you try to install a pole in a reasonable location to allow the installer to fit to it.
The next thing to attempt if possible is to purchase some hosepipe and run/bury it from the dish location to wherever the cable will enter the house, the cable can then be fed through this, and the hosepipe will provide protection from amimals, insects,lawnmowers etc.

I had a customer with a similar problem to yourself, the dish had to be at the end of his garden as it was totally surrounded by trees, so whilst I was installing the dish, he went to b&q and got some hose, we fed the cable through and he buried it after I had finished.

Even if there are sat plugs in the house, chances are they come from the loft, but if you cannot install a dish on the house then its not really of much use anyway.

We DO carry patio mounts, although these are only 2ft high and need a solid flat surface to be fastened to, 2m poles are carried as standard but a wall or the likes of will be needed to fasten this to.

Finally.............................If all else fails and you have a large tree at the end of your garden.................I have successfully attached a dish to a rather large tree trunk before!!!

Hope this is of some help.


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