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Was supposed to get my amstrad (read constant clicking) sky+ v3 box swapped today for another one (hopefully a pace v3). All booked in from earlier this week when the amstrad was installed. Now the engineer (who was a top bloke to be fair) showed me the internal memo stating words to the effect that boxes cannot be swapped on the basis of such noises and are a normal part of the operation of a hard drive.

Just drives me mad this noise, can hear it from 9ft away most of the time!

Going to call them tomorrow for a rant as they promised it to me, it seems unfair to withdraw something agreed on wednesday for a bulletin only issued on friday!



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Sky can say what they like in internal memos, but it does not absolve them from the Sale of Goods Act, which says that goods must be suitable for the purpose. A Sky+ box which ticks so loudly that it's distracting is not fit for the purpose. If Sky won't play ball, take it up with your local Trading Standards.


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Has anyone taken this problem to trading standards or got SKY to swap out the box for a PACE.

My amstrad box is driving me made and my first spat with SKY has been unsuccessful - they say that the box is working as designed and they will not swap out.

It seemed as though they were well versed in dealing with this problem - almost had the answer off pat.

I am not happy with this situation and am interested in how far anyone else has taken it.


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Have a word with your local Trading Standards Department.

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