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New Sky+ boxes

meath man

Established Member
Can anyone tell me if all the new sky+ boxes are currently manafactured by pace. Im thinking of getting a new one for the increased memory and anytime.
I already have a pace sky+ box and its virtually silent, which is vital for me because its in my bedroom.
Ive heard thomson boxes are very noisy, so i want to avoid a sky+ thomson box......


Distinguished Member
The latest Sky+ boxes are made by Pace, Amstrad and Thomson.

The Pace are reckoned by most people to be the best followed by Amstrad (whose quality and reliability seems to have improved in leaps and bounds in the latest versions) and lastly Thomson with their latest very noisy box.

I have an Amstrad PVR3 and a Pace PVR1 (which at one time was reckoned to the quietest box around) - The Amstrad is virtually silent and certainly quieter than a Pace PVR3 I used for a short while.


Established Member
I have Pace and Amstrad PVR3, noise wise there is not much in it between the two, if you measured it I would think that the amstrad would measure marginally higher.

The Pace though is a much better box IMO, it seems to crash less, response time is better when switching channels and going through memu options / epg and on picture quality the Pace wins hands down although.


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Is it possible to specify a manufacturer when having a Sky+ box installed, or do you have to take what's available. Am thinking of switching from Virgin to Sky in the near future and was looking at having 2 Sky+ boxes, (one in the main room, one upstairs).


Established Member
Is it possible to specify a manufacturer when having a Sky+ box installed

No, although if you ask nicely when the engineer comes to install it and if he has one on the van, he will probobaly give you what you want. :)

Other than that it's pretty much down to the luck of the draw. :eek:

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