New SKY+ box, potential problems

Discussion in 'Sky Digital TV Forum' started by Schumi, Feb 6, 2005.

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    Our original Sky+ box was installed back in 2001, and had run perfectly well until January of this year. A couple of recordings failed, and didn't give the disk space back. The problem seemed to be sorted when we did a full system reset. But it came back again 2 times, and subsequently an engineer was called. He came yesterday, and simply replaced the box with a brand new one. It's a Pace box, like the old one, and the only difference is the size of the box, which is quite a lot smaller than the old one.

    Anyway, I have noticed a few things with the new box, which might be problems. Firstly, intermittently, the box makes quite a loud humming sound. It did this last night, but it stopped after about 10 minutes. It did it again, although not as loud this time, this afternoon. It calmed down again when I placed my hand on the box. My old box did this as well sometimes, so I'm hoping it's nothing to worry about.

    Secondly, I've noticed a slight jump in the picture when playing back a recording. I recorded match of the day last night, and on quite a few occasions, the picture jumped slightly. The sound was okay, and apart from these little jumps, so was the picture. Interesting, when I wound back some parts of the programme where it happened, it didn’t do it again. A first and only type thing. I’m hoping it's because it's a new box, and maybe it's just needs a week or two of recording's etc to sort it out.

    Anybody else experienced these types of problems?

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