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Apr 14, 2001
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New Sim2 HD2 projector
I guess you've heard the rumours that full details will be released on 26/9/02, but who can wait till the 26th Sept?

Specs seem to be an upgraded Ht300 with HD2 chip available worldwide.
CR >1800:1,
DVI-D input,
new RII with "special cable" (?optical).

Sounds very, very good. I'll let you know more when Ive translated it from the italian!!

Ian Guinan

SIM2 Multimedia, world-wide leader in the applications Home Theater, introduces model HT300 PLUS that, thanks to the use of new chip the HD2 DMD(from Texas Instruments), introduces an incredible level of contrast > 1800:1 (HT300 HD > 1100:1), near perfect colorimetry and greyscale. Amongst many exceptional characteristics, the projector introduces a DVI-D input in addition to the many inputs present on model HT300 HD; High definition lens with a throw ratio particularly suitable for domestic settings, includes DCDi(tm) by Faroudja, special "Remote Input Interface" (optional) with 7 inputs and connected to the projector through an only special cable, an optical system sealed designed entirely by SIM2, dual trapezoid adjustment (mechanical/optical and digital) that guarantees an image lacking in artefacts that allows the installation of the projector in difficult situations thanks to the use of VLSI technology. Here follows the technical detailed lists of new HT300 PLUS;

HT 300 Technical Specifications

PLUS PROJECTION Technology DLP:) Patented and sealed optical system based on Chip HD2 DMD(Resolution: 16/9 native (1280x720 pixels)

Lens: high-quality and resolution with motorised focus and zoom (Relationship to you of projection)
Throw Ratio: 1.8 - 2,4
Lamp: 120 W SHP

optical Regulation of the trapeze: +/- 8°
digital Regulation them of the trapeze: +/-13°
Vertical, +/- 10°
Horizontal Dimension of image: 50"- 300"
Aspect: 4:3, 16:9, Anamorphic, Letterbox, Panoramic, Pixel to Pixel, 3 custom settings

Freq. of Scan. Vertical Horizontal &: 15-80 KHz/48-100 Hz (max freq. horizontal corresponds to UXGA, 60Hz)
Graphical Standards Video and Resolutions: PAL B, G, H, I, M, N, 60, SECAM, NTSC, 3,58, & 4,43 automatic selection; HTDT ATSC (480P, 720P, 1080I). Graphical standards VGA, SVGA, XGA, UXGA (1600 X 1200 pixels)
Deinterlacer and scaler: DCDi di built-in Faroudja 3:2 and 2:2 pull-down automatic
Relationship of contrast (full On/Full Off): > 1800:1
Temperature color: 3 Special selectable presets selectable from remote control 1 adjustable by customer
Video control: Regulation Luma-Chroma delay from remote control

1 Video composite via connector RCA
1 S-vhs via Din-4 miniums pin
1 RGBHV via D-sub 15 (PC input)
1 x RGBS/YCrCbS via 4 Remote connectors RCA
1 x Dvi-d 1 Input Interface, type EVC, standard VESA
1 x RS232 on connector Dsub 9 pin
1 x 12V on active Pin jack when the projector is illuminated
1 x 12V on Pin jack when 16/9 format selected (100 but max)

Control: Software of control by means of serial interface RS232
Consumption: 200 W Feeding: 100 - 240 Vac, +/- 10% (48/62 Hz)
Weight: 5,8 Kg
Dimensions: (LxHxP): 350x173x318 millimetre
Accessories: Power cables (EU, UK and USA); length 2m; remote control with batteries, user handbook and installation guide

In compliance with standards EN 60950/UL1950: in compliance with standards IEC 68-2-6 electromagnetic Emissions: in compliance with 55022 standards EN class B/150KHz-30MHz SIM2 linens SIM2 Multimedia SpA - V.le Zanussi Linen, 11 - 33170 PORDENONE - Tel. 0434-3981 - Fax: 0434-398541

p.s. will do ajb
Depends where you shop for your Sim2 stuff!

Price is around the same as for the HT300..if you're interested drop me a line and I could recommend some good places for good prices.

Ian Guinan
I must admit when I first read this I thought "what already"!?
I haven't had my HT300 for more than six months and there's another to replace it.....
I guess that's just the way it is with this hobby or should I say obsession, two months later and something new replaces it :(

After having a look through the specs though, the "new" HT300 PLUS doesn't seem that different.
So we have the HD2 chip but isn't that just a cheaper manufacturing version of the HD1?
Will the increase in contrast ratio make that much of a difference?


Still happy HT300 MINUS owner :p

Steve - but if you bought this projector, there would be another itteration in six months time to make this one "obsolete". Rapid change isn't all bad though, just think what projectors will be like when you really are ready to upgrade in two years time !


You know its gonna be 9k+!!!!!!!!

(This is crazy when you can pick up the Sanyo plv70 for under 4k!!!!!!!!!!)

In addition,take this contrast rating of 1800:1 witha pinch of salt-I bet the real rating will be nearer to 1000:1.

over at avsforum they are talking about the new NEC which has 3000:1 contrast etc..

Just seen the new, pre production HD2 chipped DLP projectpr at the hi-fi Show at Heathrow, very impressive indeed.

Fluidity and contast looked superb, detail excellent. I watched 4 different dems for 20 mins each or so, it has the latest Faroudja built in and although this one was not the final version (The production evidently will be better, Carl Zeiss lense etc) it was superb.

I saw no jaggies, no artifacts just detail resolution and a total film like presentation..... The real cinema is very nearly here...........!

Well my HT200DM will have to do for the time being, lookin forward to some more money........

YES..I saw this-it was the pre=production Screenplay 7200.

It has the new Mustang HD2 chip/1280 x 720/Faroudja DCDI FL2300/Carl Zeiss optics/5x colour wheel/calibrated from the factory to 6500k and a contrast ratio stated of 1400:1/1000ANSI

This pre-production model was minus the Zeiss Optics and was only running at about 700:1 contrast.

But still a very good picture-though I saw slight rainbow-and I have never yet seen rainbows on any dlp!

Also I noticed some artifacts and the colour wasnt as vibrant as on my 11HT-But this could be down to set-up.

Overall though I reckon this could be a killer if it sells for about 4k.

Its also worth mentioning that Carl Zeiss lenses are used in ARRI movie cameras-the best in the world.
ARRI movie Cameras were used to film L.O.T.R. and all THE RECENT star wars MOVIES.

Certainly having see all the current dlp`s-this was the best.

For a tiny bit of unseeable black level I dont think I would pay more for the Sharp z1000,the Yamaha DPX-1000 or the new Seleco!!!!!!!!!!!
YEAH..I heard under 8k Gordon,But i think thats r.r.p.

Look at the Sanyo PLV70-You can pick `em up for 3.5k!!!!!
I suspect you may be able to buy them imported for less but I can't see how a dealer in the UK could sell product supplied by the UK distributor for half of the suggested retail...last time I checked CSE's margins were not that big! if they are start queueing at my door now...I'll get you one.

My personal wish list (purely based on specs) for any projector that would pursuade me to upgrade would be:

> 2000:1 CR
1500 to 2000 Ansi lumens

When someone can package that up for around £5-£6k I'm interested.

I am not at the stage of being able to afford such a high end projector, but i have to comment that such rapid model changes would put me off. I accept that the technology improves, but from my point of view i would rather a vastly improved product every 2 years than an evolutionary one every 6 months!

Maybe this isnt the place to ask, but, with the dcdi chip onboard, does this remove the need for external boxes, or is an external video processing solution (like hcpc) still going to better the internal?

I'll take a look ! I didn't mention that it also had to be a 1280x720 (or greater) but thought that was a given :cool:


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